The Whereabouts Of One Of The World’s Most Prolific Serial Killers Is Currently “Unknown”

Serial killers are unsettling for many reasons, including blending into society a bit too much, but wouldn’t you prefer knowing they were locked up? Last year, authorities finally found The Golden State Killer, decades after his heinous crimes took place, which makes us all wonder are there still any serial killers in our midst? Yes, and we’ll start with the story of The Monster of the Andes, Pedro Lopez.

Pedro Alonso Lopez endured an early life of homelessness, violence and sexual abuse. He was the son of a prostitute, and a member of the Colombian Conservative Party during Colombia’s civil war who was murdered by a rebellion lead mob.

Lopez grew up surrounded by solicitation of prostitution, and he was only eight years old when his mother caught him sexually assaulting his younger sister, resulting him to experience homelessness for the first time. For years, he survived on the streets, supporting himself by stealing cars and then selling them to chop-shops. The police caught him and sent him to prison, which embarked on his crime ridden future.

After serving seven years in prison, this was just the beginning for him. It is believed Lopez started his killing ways after a traumatic incident while incarcerated, being brutally gang-raped by three inmates. From that day forward, he sought out vengeance, making a shiv and murdered all those that had wronged him while in prison. Since this was considered an act of defense, only two years were added to his sentencing. He was released from prison officially in 1978.

Pedro Lopez discovered his first taste for blood in prison, and once he was released, the reign of terror began. Lopez started his crime spree, raping and murdering younger girls from across Peru, with claims stating he killed over 100 young girls. Originally, this was found to be true in 1979 when he was caught the first time. His heinous acts were discovered by a tribesman of a local Peruvian tribe, where the tribe’s elders ordered his immediate execution. An American missionary pleaded for his forgiveness, and asked them to turn him over to authorities. After much discussion, they did, and the police freed him shortly after those talks.

Lopez could have stopped there, but he was off for another wave of terror. After fleeing Peru, his next stops were Colombia, and Ecuador where he continued hunting innocent young girls to sexually assault and kill. It wasn’t until 1980 until he was caught, during a failed kidnapping.

During police questioning, Lopez confessed to more than 300 murders, leading police to approximately 60 of his victims graves. Even though he admitted to so many, police only could charge him with the death of 110 others.

After years of deliberation, in 1983, Lopez was found guilty, however he was also declared clinically insane. He was sent to a psychiatric facility to serve his sentence under the help of mental health experts. In 1998, Lopez was released early on good behavior from the mental hospital- never to be seen again. To this day, his whereabouts are unknown.