Jonathan Borba

The Worst Person To Marry, Based On Your Birth Order

Here’s the worst type of person for you to marry, based on your birth order.

Only Child

The worst type of person to marry is someone clingy. As an only child, you’re very used to doing things on your own, and that’s exactly how you like it. You are self-sufficient and independent and are truly your own person. You value your freedom and individuality deeply, and you need a partner who not only respects and understands this but also lives their life in a similar manner. A partner who is clingy or codependent will never give you the space you need.

Oldest Child

The worst type of person to marry is someone who doesn’t know how to handle their own life. If you are the oldest child, you know how to take care of your life and others, too. But you also don’t want to always have to tend to everyone else’s problems and needs, especially your partner’s. This doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t want to be supportive, not at all. But if you are constantly needing to hold your partner’s hands through every single thing and basically teach them how to be an adult, you will be nothing but resentful and it will never work. You need someone who is responsible and capable of handling their life.

Middle Child

The worst type of person to marry is someone stubborn. If you are the middle child, you know a thing or two about balance and making sure things are fair and just. You are all about compromise and meeting in the middle. You aren’t afraid to admit when you’re wrong or change. You know you aren’t perfect and are willing to take in feedback when you aren’t getting it right. As such, the worst type of person to marry would be someone who is totally stubborn and unwilling to compromise, change bad behavior, or hear you out. You will never see eye to eye and will spend the marriage feeling defeated, unheard, and lonely.

Youngest Child

The worst type of person to marry is someone you can’t growth with. If you’re the youngest child, you want a partner who encourages you to become your best self and pushes you to grow. A partner who keeps you stuck in toxic cycles through enabling bad behavior or mindsets is a partner who is absolutely not right for you.


The worst type of person to marry is someone who wants to change you. As a twin or part of a set of multiples, you know a thing or two about being compared. After all, while growing up, everyone was constantly seeing how you measured up to your sibling or siblings because you were the same ages. You always were told how you could be better if you were only different and changed to be more like them. A partner who tries to fix you or change you is the worst person for you to marry because not only will they reopen old wounds, they will never appreciate you for the wonderful, dynamic, and beautiful person you actually are. Find someone who takes you as everything you are instead.