Their Ideal (Cheap) Date Night Based On Their Love Language

Their Ideal (Affordable) Date Night Based On Their Love Language

If you need ideas for your next date night, then you should think about your partner’s love language. Ask yourself what would make them the happiest instead of automatically choosing what would make you happy. Trying something new might be fun for the both of you! Here is the date night that is perfect for each love language that won’t break the bank:

Words Of Affirmation

If their love language is words of affirmation, then take them on a picnic, to a coffee shop, or to a trendy new restaurant. Since you’ll be sitting down alone and eating, it will give you two plenty of time to talk. You can remind them how much you care about them and ask them questions about their lives. Dates like this are easy to plan, but they will make your person feel valued and appreciated. Remember, don’t sit there in silence. Don’t stare at your phone. Make sure you’re having meaningful conversations and dropping plenty of compliments.

Acts Of Service

Make them breakfast in bed, give them a massage, or pitch in with their chores. Remember, they want you to show how much you love them through your actions. They want you to put effort into making them smile. Of course, if you don’t want to be working on a date night that’s supposed to be fun for the both of you, then try booking a couple’s massage so you can enjoy the rest and relaxation together. Either way, they’re going to appreciate how much thought you put into the date.

Physical Touch

Netflix and chilling, movie theater dates, or hikes through the woods are perfect for anyone who considers physical touch their love language. If you’re relaxing on the couch together, you can cuddle and hold hands. You can even make out in between scenes. Meanwhile, while walking through hiking trails, you can hold hands and sneak kisses when no one else is watching. It’s the perfect place for some PDA that won’t feel too public. 

Quality Time

Make a homemade meal together, bake desserts, or go for a long drive. All this person wants is to spend quality time with you, so really, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. As long as you act present and treat them with love and respect, they’re going to be happy. Even if you end up in comfortable silence, you shouldn’t panic. Just knowing that you’re sitting beside them will be enough to make them happy. 

Receiving Gifts

A trip to the bookstore, concert tickets, or tickets to a musical are all great ideas if your partner’s love language is receiving gifts. You can walk through the bookstore together and browse through titles before picking one (or ten) to bring home with you. Or you can go see a show and pick up some souvenirs on the way out so you will always remember the fun night you had together. Either way, your person is going to thank you for being so thoughtful.