Theories That Explain Why We Fall In Love

Because of chemistry. Because of fear. Because we missed the first bus. Because we took the elevator instead of the stairs. Because he wanted to have the family he didn’t have growing up, and she craved to feel like she belonged somewhere for once. Because 2 AM is awfully heavy to handle all on your own. Because they had diluted Coca Cola eyes. Because life is boring. Because they were the only other person at the bar on a Wednesday afternoon. Because trembling hands need something stable to hold. Because the stars aligned. Because constantly running is exhausting. Because they sat next to you in your sixth grade history class. Because life before you learned their name was miserable. Because you got lucky. Because of the kids. Because we need hope. Because Frida wanted to be an artist. Because Springsteen wanted to write songs that reached beyond Asbury Park. Because Patti was looking for a best friend. Because we had the bravery to try. Because we wanted to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Because he gave the mousy girl a chance. Because he reminded him of the man he was too afraid to hold. Because we don’t always have a choice. Because falling in love is what we were made as humans to do.