Giovanni Garnica

There Are 2 Types Of People: Those Who Make Life Happen And Those Who Let Life Happen To Them

I have a theory that there are, for the most part, two reactions people typically have to living their lives: Those who believe they have a choice of how most days will proceed and those who feel powerless to the choices of the universe.

Simply put, there are those that make life happen and those that life happens to.

I don’t think it’s as simple as pessimists and optimists. I think it’s a deep perception of self and the world around us. It’s an agreement that the world keeps spinning even if we plant our feet. We can shout into the void and understand that there’s so much other noise, it’s unlikely our cry will be heard. Then we can choose what happens from there. We can choose to see the rest of the beauty.

Imagine having a day off and deciding to go to the park down the street and sit on a bench in the sunshine. Shortly after arriving, eyes closed, soaking in the sun, a bee decides to sting you. Most people react in that moment, maybe letting out a little, “What the hell was that for?” But after the initial shock, what do you do?

Do you give up on this adventure because clearly it was not a good idea? Do you believe another bee may sting you? Do you think this is what I get for trying to do something different?

Or do you look around? Do you see the small child walking the comically large dog? Or the elderly couple holding hands and pointing at different flowers, whispering and smiling at each other?

Do you sit and stay at the park, or do you leave?

I believe there’s two reactions; You get to choose how you feel about each day or you roll with the punches and hope they don’t land in your face.

Those who make life happen believe:

1. Most days will be good days

2. One small moment does not define them

3. Things usually have a way of working out

I believe it’s a choice and that you can choose to be whichever type of person you want to be. What do you think?