There Is Beauty In The Little Things

It is so beautiful, the way we fall in love with others. The way we pocket our favorite things about them and place it within the softest spaces within our own hearts.

It is so beautiful, the way souls silently speak to one another, the way they gently choose the person they want to spend their time with, delicately taking them by the tips of their fingers and interlacing them within their own.

It is so beautiful, the way we fall in love with the little things about someone, like the way their mouth carefully curls into a smile when they’re happy or the sound of their voice when they laugh or the tiny crinkle in their nose when they dislike something.

It is so beautiful, the way their eyes widen when they are talking about something they are passionate about or the way they get emotional over the most delicate of things. Or maybe it is even smaller than that—maybe it is the way their handwriting can only get neater when they concentrate or the way they will only have their morning coffee with milk because they don’t like it too strong. Maybe it is how you notice the way they make their bed on a morning, how they carefully tuck away the corners of the sheets; maybe it is the way in which you notice that their soul finds peace within late summer evenings, how they look for the butterflies; how it is one of the only times in which the world seems to slow down for a moment. 

It is so beautiful, the way we can fall in love with another person’s tiny habits, like the way they need to have a tea before they go to bed, otherwise they won’t sleep, or the way they have to journal down every dream they’ve ever had just so they don’t forget the ones that sparked something beautiful within their soul. Maybe it is the way they make it their goal to read one book every month, just in case they find one that changes their perspective on life. Or maybe it is the way they will always cry at that one song, the song that brings back so many memories.

It is so beautiful, the way we fall in love with another person’s soul. The moments in which we notice the little chipped and slightly broken pieces of their heart that sit behind their eyes, the windows to their soul, the ways in which they hold onto tiny secrets from the stories that have shaped them into the person they are today.

It is so beautiful, the way life itself is filled with such precious moments. Moments that fill our souls with joy; moments that make life that little extra special. Moments that make you love harder and feel deeper. Moments that make you feel seen—that make your soul feel seen.