There Is Freedom In Forgiveness

Forgiveness is about FREEDOM. It’s not about justifying their actions.

Forgiveness is about acknowledging your hurt, facing it, and feeling it. You can’t forgive what you don’t acknowledge.

You can mouth the words, but until you surrender the right to punish, you will not forgive.

You may have been through things that have changed the course of your life and hurt you deeply, leaving you stuck. You feel guilt and shame about not forgiving, it’s overwhelming.

You could be happy one minute and see a post, hear a name, and then you spiral into sadness, believing the world is unjust and unfair—this is because you are carrying past hurt.

All you want is an apology saying, “I was wrong, what I did was wrong, I am sorry, and will you forgive me?”

Forgiveness isn’t about inviting that person to Thanksgiving, it’s about reconciling your anger, setting boundaries in your heart, and wishing that person well.

There are special circumstances when addictions and abuse are involved. There is divine strength in peeling back your layers of hurt to get to a place of forgiveness, especially when those people don’t take accountability. 

Forgive the betrayal, the pain, and the hurt that someone caused and experience peace.

You want to see them punished for what they did. Trust that there is POWER in the impossible. It’s a painful process—put them in your rearview mirror and realize that they don’t get to hurt you anymore. 

Forgive to experience the life and love that is truly meant for you.

Get rid of your bitterness, slander, and any form of malice. Be compassionate and remember all of the times YOU were forgiven.

You might think, ”You don’t know what I’ve been through!” I don’t know your hurt, but I know what hurt feels like. I’ve spent my whole adult life minimizing and pretending my trauma did not happen or denying the effects it had on me. Trauma has a way of sneaking up on you, like through anxiety attacks, depression, self-loathing, and addictions.

It’s okay to be broken.

Holding on to your past and your unforgiveness is killing you. Be angry! Be hurt! Be broken! Acknowledge it!

Face it! Feel it! Forgive it!