Ketut Subiyanto

There Is No Us And Them, Only We

Walk this earth with me and you will see how sick it is.

You will see the disease of separation. You will see the fires of hate.

You will see the destructive power that comes from segregation, aggression, and the inflexibility to honor those who are on a different path to you.

See, all around, chaos unfolds—effortlessly.

While our paths will always be different, we are part of the same tapestry.

Stitched from stars. Born of collision and chaos.

The thunder, our roars. The rain, our tears.

We are one with everything around us.

Yet we choose to think we are separate.

There is no Us and Them.

There is only We.

While struggling to keep our heads above water during this pandemic, we’ve forgotten that we are all submerged in the same storm.

We have a choice to fight or go with the current.

In the chaos of reaching for a life raft, the very things we stand on to justify our position, we have forgotten that there are others grasping for a chance to breathe and be heard—who are carrying weights far beneath the surface.

In the determination to reach a secure shore, we have forgotten that we cannot build anything new if we do not honor and carry those who were amongst us before.

We cannot pave meaningful and enriched paths forward if there is no symphony of voices.

No varying threads from different backgrounds and viewpoints.

While reading the map handed to us, we have forgotten to look up at the stars and allow ourselves to be guided.

We have forgotten to listen to our hearts.

We have forgotten to look past the masks and into the eyes of those around us to see how aligned and one we truly are.

Walk this earth with me and you will see how beautiful it is.

See the likeness in everyone. See you in everything.

See how the wind bends the trees, how water etches into rocks.

See the power that comes from unification, gentle persistence and being flexible in how we move forward.

See how all around, life unfolds—effortlessly.