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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Tuesday Of Peaceful Energy (3/28/23)

The cosmic universe has aligned to bring a bit of zen and peace to some of our lives this Tuesday. Here are the 3 zodiac signs due to celesetial shifts that are going have a great day.


The universe handing you a blooming bouquet of peace this Tuesday, so embrace it with open arms. Don’t just use this time to relax though. Use this peaceful flow moving through the universe and you to finish that project you know you should have finished months ago. The peace ascending on you is one not simply of tranquility, but zen awareness that will help you achieve your goals.


3/28 has marked the scales tipping in your favor (and it’s about time). Find yourself enwrapped in a soothing, harmonious breeze that will help to gently balance those ever-shifting energies within you. Use this heavenly energy moving through you to think and dream your way through your problems — mediation, yoga, or even daydreaming in the sunlight or starring at the clouds will bring the answers you need.


The uncanny universe is wrapping you in a warm, comforting wave of pulsating harmony. It’s as if you’re being cradled by the gentle waves of a Caribbean ocean or Baltic gulf. Let the stress melt away today — no matter how crazy your life is and arbitrary it all may seem.

Use this comic shift reconnect with your emotional well-being. Spend some quality time with loved ones, or take a solitary walk through the city or a park. Just clear your mind, whether alone or with the beautiful love of your friends/family. Cherish this calm before the storm, dear Cancer, because you know the storm is coming again.


You’ve sensed lately a shift in your being. You don’t know if it will last, or if it’s just a glitch that will fade. But what’s shifting inside you is something you find rather welcoming. Your cosmic prescription, then, is to use this wave of energetic peace coursing through you to figure out what these new feelings inside you mean.

Get yourself outside your routine, or get even more lost in that routine. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter, as long as you propel yourself deeply into the action. Use the flow of weightlessness that comes with it and set the intention for the new life that’s blooming inside you.