These Are The 3 Most Important Things To Remember If You’re In A Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship sometimes feels like you’re in the middle of the raging ocean on a motorless boat. It’s a hard thing to navigate. On the other hand, it can cultivate a greater understanding between two people, where time and distance are obsolete. And in the most trying moments, it’s a constant battle between your heart and your mind, never knowing which one to listen to entirely.

When you’re unsure in which direction to paddle, remember these things.

Distance is the positive factor

Long-distance relationships are often seen as a negative thing. Why two people would want to date while miles away is beyond most people’s comprehension. On a positive note, distance can actually be positive. Think about it: being unable to see each other without the use of a phone or computer helps keep communication strong and at the forefront. You look forward to the moment you get to speak to your partner. And because you can’t talk around the clock like in-person couples do, the conversations are more meaningful.

You can survive anything

Being away from the love of your life daily is the most heart-wrenching thing a person can endure. But if you’re able to move past the heartache and love them with your whole being anyway, you can survive anything. Complicated situations, whether within or outside of your relationship, won’t be a problem to tackle. You’re stronger than you think. And loving someone who’s in another state or country proves just that.

You know and exemplify the real meaning of trust

Solid trust means not needing to ask where your partner has been or who they’ve been doing whatever with. It’s knowing they will never do anything to hurt you. It’s knowing they won’t take advantage of the distance between you two. It’s not because they’re afraid of getting caught, it’s because they respect you that much. The same goes for you. You respect the relationship as if it were a face-to-face one. Experiencing the highest level of trust gives you a better understanding of yourself and your partner. You’re actually able to enjoy each other rather than questioning each other’s every move and motive.