These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Bottle Up Their Emotions The Most


Capricorns aren’t averse to expressing their feelings—but there better be a very pressing reason to do so. Regardless of whether the emotions are exciting (and overwhelming) or devastating (and hard to deal with), Capricorns tend to keep their emotions bottled up and focus on other things happening in their lives. However, when they are finally ready to express them, they will let everything out—no question.


Aquarius signs love to communicate and believe it’s essential to do so. However, their emotions aren’t always the first topic of conversation. They prefer to sit alone with their emotions and try to sort out how they feel—and may often intellectualize those feelings in the process. They don’t want to talk about things unless they know exactly what’s going on with themselves emotionally, yet if they are pressed or hounded about it, everything will come out in a jumbled mess—which they want desperately to avoid.


Virgos don’t want to speak about their emotions until they are absolutely certain about what they are feeling… which can take some time. Rather than place their emotions out into the world and subject them to others’ opinions, they would rather keep how they feel to themselves and try to handle it on their own—much like how they tend to do everything else.


Libras certainly have plenty of feelings, and they do genuinely desire to share those feelings with others. However, depending on the situation, they are far more likely to simply keep how they feel to themselves. Whether it’s due to a desire to not burden anyone else with their emotions or frustration that others can’t simply tell how they are feeling (and ask them about it), they are far more likely to bottle up their emotions until they simply have no other course of action.


Scorpios are remarkable at making you feel connected to them. They share certain aspects of themselves and desire to know you better—yet they are far more likely to keep their emotions pent up rather than sharing them left and right. Once they feel they can let down their guard, they may want to share a little more, but Scorpios ultimately prefer to keep things they consider personal to themselves—and their emotions rank exceptionally high on that list.