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Things That Will Always Restore Your Energy

80-degree weather. The sun dancing down your back. The wind whispering secrets in your ears. The grass tickling the bottoms of your bare feet. A glass of ice-cold water after a sweaty workout. Snuggles from your dog. Speaking up for what you know to be true. Letting go of what no longer serves you. Letting some shit be. Letting yourself be seen as all that you are. Singing in the car. Picking up the tab for a friend going through a rough time. A hug when you really need it. Swimming among Lake Michigan’s waves at the beginning of August. Working like hell on something you care deeply about. Listening. Asking for help. Asking more questions. Asking what you can do for someone else. Random wine nights. Long, meandering walks with someone you love. Watching two people you adore get married. Dancing until 2 AM. Sleeping until your body actually feels rested. Apologizing. Reading a new book that captures your heart. Putting away your phone. Therapy. Forgetting yourself every now and then. Doing the right thing quietly. Radical acceptance. Staying close to anyone who makes you believe in the good of people. Doing more of what makes you feel utterly and frantically alive.