Neven Krčmarek

This Creative Outlet Is The Most Underrated Form Of Self-Care

Adult coloring. It seems almost child-like, escapist, too good to be true. I mean, what grown adult over 30 actually sits down (sometimes for hours, even) and colors in a coloring book?

This one. (And I’m 34, in case you were wondering.)

I believe that the art of adult coloring (which it really is–just look at the numerous dedicated coloring accounts on Instagram, including mine, if you want to) can be a fun yet calm and centering activity. It’s also easy self-care. There are no rights or wrongs. Just pick up some inexpensive crayons or colored pencils and a picture or book of your choice and start! I’ve even found some great coloring books at the dollar store, or you can even try a digital coloring app. 

If you like a certain cartoon character or want to picture yourself in a field of wildflowers, go for it! If you need to calm down and meditate, a mandala (a picture with repetitive patterns and lines) and a cup of tea works wonders. 

When I’m working on a picture, after a while, the whole world seems to fade away and all I can focus on is the art. I’m not thinking about the pandemic. I’m not thinking about past due bills or the fragility of life. Not that one shouldn’t think about these things, but sometimes, we need a break. All that matters is what’s on that piece of paper. 

Coloring feeds my need for inspiration as I think of different coloring mediums, patterns, and techniques. It also helps increase my mental agility and creativity, similar to doing a crossword puzzle. 

As I mentioned before, adult coloring is great self-care. Taking a few minutes out of your day to work on a picture is a great stress reliever. You can relax and get in touch with your inner child at the same time–therapeutic multitasking for the win!

If I haven’t convinced you to at least try adult coloring yet, then I don’t think I ever will. Yet you don’t need to do this for me. Do it for yourself. Do it for self-care. Do it for your inner child, whenever they are. 

Do it because you can. I believe in you.