This Is For Anyone Who Doesn’t Believe They’re The Creative Type

I used to judge people who didn’t go to university when I was in nursing school. I believed that the only key to success was to go to school and get a job. I felt pity for the artists I saw on the streets, making real art and playing music for random strangers.

Then I became what you’d consider successful at age 26. I finished university, got a pandemic-proof job, got married, and obtained a mortgage, with hefty savings left.

Despite having this “perfect” life at a young age, I still felt empty. My search for the artist in me has always made me feel longing. When I was a kid, I learned how to draw, paint, do Photoshop, and make videos, but nothing seemed to stick. I’d learn something new, become good at it, and drop it once I got bored.

I felt like there was always something wrong with me.

But when I found writing, it felt like I found “the one.” I found the one that made me feel inflow. I found the one that made me feel like myself. I found the one that made me feel like it’s something I can be proud of. I never considered myself creative, but it took me a decade to find the art that aligns with me. And now that I found it, I know that others can find theirs too.

There’s an artist in you.

There’s an artist in you that’s waiting to be unleashed. Creativity isn’t about painting or making the posh art you see in the movies, it’s about how you see the world expressed in one medium. That can be in writing, digital art, or even a business.

There’s an artist in you that wants to come out, but the world has somehow brainwashed us to suppress it.

You have to let it take over you, even for a little bit. You have to prioritize it for a specific period of time until you no longer know what to do with it. Real life will distract you. You’ll think you have no time, and you’ll do things according to other people’s standards. And that’s okay. But at some point in your life, you have to stop and learn to think for yourself.

Ask your inner child, “What do you want to create today?”

And let it take over you.