This Is For Anyone Who’s Ever Been Afraid To Let Themselves Be Happy

Have you ever felt afraid to allow yourself to be happy? Like if you let yourself be vulnerable and feel the power of true bliss, the bottom would drop out?  

Outwardly, you appear happy, you smile frequently, you have a positive energy that draws people in, but something is missing. Cognitively, you know this: You are purposefully holding back a deep desire to unleash this volcano of love that is ready to erupt. An untapped love.  

There have been blips of this enormous feeling through a few relationships in your life. You were passionate, affectionate, fun, adventurous, thoughtful—all the beautiful characteristics a person should have in love, but something was missing. 

Maybe everyone goes through this? 

To your partner, you were a dream come true, better than they could have asked for. Inside, you knew you had more—more complete reckless abandonment for joy. 

What is holding you back? The past patterns of partners who left anyway? They told you that you were the most beautiful person inside and out, they were deeply in love, but they still left. I believe inside your head, you associated love with heartbreak. You think, “Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t show my true potential because they left anyway.”

What if you start to look at things differently? 

What if you stop worrying about if the relationship will fail and allow yourself to feel the raw desire inside of you? After all, isn’t life just a series of moments that create feelings? If your partner leaves, what does it matter? You got to experience an explosion of love that gave you the potential to feel more!

There is a part of you holding back telling someone you love them. There is a part of you holding back romantically in the bedroom. There is an even bigger part of you holding back the creative and expressive side of you because you are afraid of how it will be received or rejected.

Who gives a shit! How long do you have to live on this earth? Why is someone else’s opinion or worth greater than yours? Breakups suck! Investing in someone that ends up leaving is heartbreaking. There is more to life than that person.

Take chances! You will never have regrets that way. Tell him you love him. Be vulnerable in the bedroom and take things to a new level. Let your body move naturally to the feelings that come over you. 

Take pen to paper and write that book that you were too scared to do. Reach out to a boyfriend you had 15 years ago. Hitch a camper to your truck and go out west for three weeks. Move to a town where you know no one and start fresh. Sing karaoke with as much attitude as you want. 

My point is to tear down the fortress you have around your heart and fucking live now.  

What if you tell him you love him and he responds by telling you the same? What if he tells you that he was waiting for you to tell him you love him? What if you start to realize that your life is your own, not his or anyone else’s? What if you see life as a magnificent opportunity to create whatever scene you want? 

Fortunately, we all can change directions when things do not go according to plan. We cannot control another person’s reaction, we can only control our own.  Take the bull by the horns and go after what you want!

When you are laying in bed with your significant other and you are having feelings of being in love and it’s early in the relationship – who cares, tell them! Is there a mysterious timetable law that will come arrest you for breaking the code? Are there cupid police that will banish you to a prison in the clouds? NO! Maybe he will get freaked out and leave, or maybe he will embrace you and you will experience a moment that will make you feel elated with happiness.  

Confidence in yourself far exceeds anything this world can throw at you. Stop being afraid to love. Stop being afraid to do the things you want to do. Stop being governed by a stupid inner voice that keeps you muffled in a purgatory of normalcy. Be quirky! 

Be sexual! Be adventurous! Be YOU!

The one who is meant for you will love every inch of your independent, free-spirited, and loving self because you say how you feel and what you mean. Life will become more about the beauty that surrounds you, and doors will open in every area of your life.  

It’s easy—say I love you, grab their ass, tell them what turns you on, kiss them in a public place, experience intimacy on a level that will blow both your socks off. Don’t you deserve to feel that? YES!  

No one else is going to live your life. Be happy right now, and take this as a sign to get off your ass and stop being afraid!  

Nothing is missing anymore. I am proud of you. You are experiencing the meaning of life – happiness.