This Is For The Person Who Longs To Belong

A knock on the door late at night.
She’s barefoot, grounded.
With eyes wide open, no longer blinded by darkness.
A cool, clear night in early May.
Venus at its full power, and a taste of the world’s core, of its roots, and the mundane at her feet.
Into the underworld of the soul, in the midst of arousal—she steps in,
Home ignited by the magnetism of the internal flame that burns, untamed.
The energy of the breath synced with the secrets of the mind sway across the rooms. The freshness of such respite glides in through the windows.
A sense of belonging, a cosmic touch of one’s own hospitality.
An embrace of return.

Return to yourself. The door has been opened, beyond the illusions, expectations, and limitations.
With the Earth below, made up of nothing more than the organisms of the skin you own.
All in motion, an inhale of rebirth. Exhale.
I hear the calling of your name, across the generations of stars, within the infinite moving Time, colliding here where you stand.
Return home, to the ancient sound of your voice.
Listen to the rhythm of the trail you paced across the years—
as you paused, you rushed, you sank. At times stagnant, petrified by fear.
Yet transformation is slow-moving, and the soil will remain fertile—ready to bloom beyond idleness and into chaos.
The fury of a new phase,
Opening dimensions further into your inner dome.
Step into your prophecy.
Unlock the door; you are homemade.

This is for you who longs to belong, who longs to find a sense of home, who has felt lost and alone. A reminder that you are the only home you’ll ever know. Lose fear, know yourself and you will find love. And when you are ready to step into more, there will always be a new door waiting for you to unlock and unleash all that you are. There is always more than what we see, and sometimes we just have got to close our eyes and trust.