This Is For Your Emotionally Heavy Days

This is for the days you wake up, and you feel the weight of the world on your heart. This is for the days you burst into tears without really knowing why. This is for the days that nothing seems to matter. It’s a chore to see your friends, something you add to your to-do list. When your phone rings, it squeezes thoughts from all sides of your mind, pulsating into a headache. You want to escape for a little while, but there’s nowhere to go.

I want you to know that today wasn’t an accident. Today wasn’t a failure. You needed today. You needed an emotional release. You needed your tears to escape. You needed them to cascade down your face and liberate all that you’ve been holding inside. You needed them to set you free. 

Please do not force it. Do not try to get out of bed before you’re ready. Do not try to compel strength when you need to break down. You’ve been fighting for so long. Let this moment guide you. Allow yourself to fall into this deep release. Feel the areas of tension in your body that need to be stretched and lengthened, the areas you weren’t paying attention to before. Today is your gift. Today is your reminder that you are human. You have the ability to feel, come alive, continually learn, and choose your future. 

It’s in letting go that you sense relief. You realize the people you want but who are no longer available. You recognize those who are near but have never noticed before. They show up in unexpected ways and help you through. 

As you release, you build up. Your body comes alive in the places you feel joy. You find pleasure in little victories—taking a shower, styling your hair. These simple acts make you feel lighter. You water your plant, look at a ladybug crawl across the window, light a candle, bite into a nectarine, feel its sweetness drip down your chin. You squint your eyes, looking at specks of sunlight. Micro actions are victories. They slowly build your joy. 

Please know that though it may not feel like it, today is a breakthrough. You are growing, healing, and expanding into new ways of being. Today will get better. There is purpose beneath your tears. There is life beneath your pain. You will get through this day. Take your time. But know for sure that love and life are waiting for you on the other side.