Angela Roma

This Is How You Finally Take Ownership Over Your Own Life

You must speak, and you must speak with purpose. Take initiative over your destiny.

No amount of passion, desire, or talk will get you from where you are today to where you want to be unless you own your actions. Know that while this may seem overwhelming, it is the little habits that add up to surpass the big ones.

It is how you wake up in the morning—whether you consistently set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier so you can meditate.

Who you choose to hang out with and how those people influence you.

It is the extra two seconds you take to put out your vitamins for tomorrow morning.

It’s electing to be the bigger person instead of posting spiteful comments online. Not taking it to heart when another person has not reached that level of emotional maturity, either.

The way you think of yourself when you catch your reflection. The voices inside your head, your gut reaction to seeing your own image.

The stories you tell yourself about who you are and what your capacity is.

It is taking 10 minutes to call your Nonnie and catch up with her because she lives alone and you want her to know how much you love her.

It is remembering to apply moisturizer after your shower, boiling a cup of hot lemon water, and setting limits on your screen time. It’s when taking care of your mental health becomes commonplace, an instantaneous reflex.

It’s dressing in clothes that make you feel confident instead of trying to keep up with trends that do not suit your style.

It’s staying mindful of the thoughts passing through your consciousness, filtering out unkind comments and not letting hate fester within your soul.

Make the shifts you need to survive today, because these habits compounded over time will be a true testament to your ownership over your own life.