Евгений Горман

This Is How You Know It’s Time To Let Go

We can all relate to that voice inside of us that is telling us we are no longer feeling valued by someone. We try to push it to the back of our thoughts because we are constantly wanting to avoid addressing it. Sometimes we tell ourselves if we push through those thoughts, maybe they will disappear or time will fix everything. More often than not, it doesn’t happen that way. Time never fixes the wrong type of love, it only burns the impact of it deeper into your flesh.

Our body and mind are so connected that we can become physically sick when something is off. Listen to what is burning inside you. Life is too short to just be pressed through. Life is too valuable to be giving the purest energy and not receiving the same type back. Life is too special to pour from an empty mug. We are too special to hold our overflowing heart in the palm of our hands, waiting for someone to soak it up when there are so many out there we haven’t even met yet.

When the time comes and that voice is telling you it’s time to set yourself free, listen. That is your body craving cities it has not yet traveled through, arms it has not yet hugged, candy it has not yet tasted, and rain it has not yet felt drip through its fingertips. Let yourself experience new faces with caramel eyes and late night walks where the street lights go out as you walk underneath them. Find a new version of yourself in an old book, not by reliving past mistakes.

When you take on the world with eyes wide open, you become unstoppable. Being unstoppable produces confidence. Confidence produces perseverance, which produces strength. 

Let yourself shine.

Love yourself enough to let go.