This Is How You Know You Found The Right One For You

The right one will be there through your highs and lows. Everyone goes through their ups and downs in life. Everyone goes through storms and hurricanes. Everyone gets it tough at some point in their life. Not a single soul is exempted. But the right person will be there as you go through it all. They will encourage you instead of leaving you behind. They will help you find a solution instead of blaming you for what’s happening. They will hold you close instead of pushing you away, especially when things are hard. They will make you feel loved and supported. 

The right one will be your teammate, not just a lover. There’s a certain stage when you just want to have fun with the person you are dating, and that is essential when you’re in a relationship. But as much as fun is important to maintain a good flow in your relationship, it is also important to be with someone who knows how to be a teammate. Someone who pushes you to reach your goals alongside them. Someone who leans towards the same future as you do. Someone who proves to you they’re there for the long run and not just when things are all fun. Someone who wants to build a future with you. 

The right one will see both your beauty and ugliness inside and outside but will still choose to be with you no matter what. Simply because you are you. Everybody has their quirks in them. It’s important that you learn how to love yourself as who you are, because how you love yourself reflects how people see you too. When you value your whole being, people will respect you and will be able to see your genuineness as a person. And those who won’t don’t belong in your life. Remember, you’re not supposed to be everyone’s cup of tea. The right person will always choose to love you—flaws and all.

The right one will push you to grow as an individual. As mentioned, it won’t always be fun and games. The real essence of a relationship is when you talk about your dreams and aspirations, your struggles and issues, the things that you lack and are in need of improvement. All these things are supposed to be shared when building a strong relationship. You have to be vulnerable with your partner because that’s how you know if they’re the real deal—someone who helps you and is there through most of your journey in becoming a better person. 

The right one will show you it’s worth it to fight for them and stay. It’s not going to be all smooth. Strong relationships are built upon challenges and hard work. There will be times where you feel exhausted and feel like giving up. There will be nights of ugly fights and ugly cries and times where you miss the single life. But the right person will show you that you are better off with them by your side. That no matter how hard it may get sometimes, life is still a lot happier and better when they’re around. They will show you how beautiful love is and that it’s worth spending your life with them. They will show you the kind of love that nobody in your past did. The love that stays. The kind that doesn’t die.