This Is How You Survive Heartbreak

Heartbreak. The moment everything you had envisioned and dreamed of shatters right in front of you. Devastation. The reality of it all slowly sinking in and weighing on your chest. You can’t breathe. You can’t believe it. You hurt and you ache all over, yet at the same time feel numb to everything happening around you. You’re heartbroken, your mind is running a hundred miles a minute, you can’t breathe, and you don’t know how you’re going to survive.

But you will.

It will be brutal. Some days will be better than others. Other days will be really hard to handle. Some days the anxiety won’t overwhelm you to the point of not wanting to exist. Other days you will have to fight—each hour, each minute, each second—just to make it through your day.

You will do whatever you can to make it through each day. Because at first, you won’t be living. You’ll be surviving. And that’s okay. You will cling to whatever thing it is that gets you through the day, whether that be a person, a place, or a thing. You will be questioning everything, wondering what’s the point. You will still feel like you’re drowning and wondering how you are going to survive.

But you will.

You’ll start acting reckless. Engaging in risky behavior. Excessively drinking. Drugs. Whatever it may be, it’s your way of trying to feel something. To make it through. Those thoughts will still manage to creep in once again. How am I going to survive this?

But you will.

You will. Because the only way to go will be up.

You’ll find meaning in the small things again. The smell of rain. Warm sheets or towels right out of the dryer. Walking into cold AC on a very hot day. A hot shower after a long day.

This is how you will survive.

Finding small pieces of magic scattered throughout your day. You will come out of the zombie-like stupor of heartbreak, amazed at the world around you. Was the grass always that green? Was the sky always that blue?

So if need be, lose yourself in your heartbreak. But don’t lose hope in the fact that you won’t come out the other side again.

You will find your peace again because you are a fighter and a survivor.