This Is Not A Goodbye


what she is


what she’s not

Remains life’s constant ambiguity

She seems

not to discover her own self

until life sets her free

She thought her life was meant

To give without receiving

To adore the one who broke her soul

To accept rants without complaining

But God’s healing touch reminded her

God loves her more than life itself

She is a princess, daughter, and friend

She is her own beautiful song

Broken musical notes can mend

A woman who spoke a thousand words

Will learn to embrace silence for a while

Though her memories will not cease to speak

For the people who touched her life

A little book lost in a shelf

Her pages have all been turned

Time has been so generous

Until time teaches us to mourn

Although her last page seems to be 

Her final stage on earth

Her life had been blissful

to family and friends who cared

She married her profession

To mold the aspiring new generation

Teaching was her passion

And her students were inspiration

She won her battles filled with sorrows

Her laughters fought to echo until tomorrow

Her tears will soon dry as memories fade

I swear you cannot even trace a shade.

She may have cracked some jokes, 

Have shared some secrets, 

Have written some poems,

But she yearns for more.

Life was not boring after all. 

The gospel hymns she sang

Continues to whisper in her grave

As a reminder that her holy duty

She will never forsake!

She loves her parents very much

And grateful for her sister too.

Her husband forever holds her heart

Although distance sets them apart.

A mother’s song she sings gracefully,

A dream, a promise, soon a reality.

But now she is laid to rest 

For a deafening silence…

Jane’s voice so loud and clear,

But you can hear no more.

And if you think this poem is over

You are misled again, my dear

Janey has learned to speak before birth

So her whispers will reach your ears

Again, she just tried to tease you

Goodbye is not her thing. 

After death, she is nothing.

Just waiting to be saved by her King

She only had one life to live.

Heart and mind

 Body and soul

All surrendered to Him.

God is her Source of everything

Her final journey belongs to His keeping

She hopes that she will rise again

With all the other chosen ones,

In her deep slumber, she praises God 

As He finally takes her to a promising, peaceful holy land.