This Is The Hardest Part Of A Long-Distance Relationship, Based On Your Love Language
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This Is The Hardest Part Of A Long-Distance Relationship, Based On Your Love Language

Long-distance relationships are never easy, but the reason why you struggle with them will differ based on what’s most important to you. Here is the hardest part of being in a long-distance relationship, based on your love language:

Words of Affirmation

Long-distance relationships are tough on you because most of your conversations happen over text. Even though you love getting words of affirmation in any form, you always prefer to hear the words spoken aloud. Or even better, whispered into your ear while you’re cuddling in bed. However, a phone call is the best you can get with long-distance. And if there’s a time difference, it’s even worse because you might not be able to hear your person’s voice when you’re feeling low, when you need cheering up, or when you’re feeling a little lonely.

Quality Time

Long-distance relationships are tough on you because the amount of ways you can spend quality time together is limited. You can stream movies at the same time or play co-op video games, but you can’t share a meal together or go bowling with a group of friends. There’s always a screen in between you, which is definitely better than nothing, but not nearly as meaningful as when they’re sitting side-by-side with you. Although you might be able to spend some quality time together, your schedules will never perfectly align when you’re so far apart.

Physical Touch

Long-distance relationships are toughest on people who consider physical touch their love language. After all, you can’t actually cuddle with your partner, hold their hand, kiss their lips, or get intimate. All you can really do is talk about how badly you want to do those things with each other – which can make you miss each other worse. Although the time you physically spend together will feel even more special when you’ve spent so long apart, it doesn’t make the distance any easier.

Acts of Service

Long-distance relationships are tough on you because there’s not too much your partner can help you with from afar. They could order food to our door to surprise you or get you a gift card for a massage or facial – but they won’t be able to do those things for you themselves. There will always be a middleman. Unfortunately, some of the best things someone can do for someone whose love language is acts of service is help them out with small things in the moment, like washing the dishes or making the bed, but when you’re far apart, that’s never going to happen.

Receiving Gifts

Long-distance relationships are tough on you because even though your partner can send you gifts, they can’t really spontaneously surprise you with them in the moment. They can’t hand you something that you desperately need after a long, hard day. It takes time for them to get delivered. And even when you end up with a present that gets you excited, your partner won’t be there for you to thank. It’ll only be a delivery person. You’ll have to wait until you see your partner in person again to thank them properly.