This Is The Part Of Breaking Up That Hurts The Most

What people don’t tell you is that walking away is actually the easy part. The hard part is what comes after the breakup.

These are the things people don’t talk about. They don’t talk about how hard it is to wake up and roll over just to see that the person who was once by your side is no longer there, or how hard it is to not have someone to talk to about your day anymore, or how much it hurts to finally feel like you’re doing better, only to see a car that looks like there’s and you realize that you still aren’t 100% over it.

These small moments that come after a break up are what hurt the most and what make moving on that much harder to do. It’s in these moments that you begin to question everything. Why was I not good enough? What could I have done differently? Does that person still think of me? You begin to have all of these “what if?” questions that you are never going to get the answers to.

The reason these small moments impact us so much Is because it was in these small moments that we felt the most loved, the most safe, and the most comfortable with that other person, whether that be driving to your favorite fast food place together, going on late night drives, watching certain TV shows together, or being vulnerable with one another. When it comes time to walk away, these memories don’t just fade away, they stick with you. You begin to realize that everything you see or do reminds you of that person.

When you catch yourself stuck reminiscing about these moments, remind yourself why you left in the first place. You left not because you were not good enough, but because you were! You were always more than enough, this person just failed to see your worth. You left because you did absolutely everything you could to make this relationship work, but that other person did not. You left because deep down you knew you deserved better.