This Is What Each Zodiac Looks Like When They Are Doing The Bare Minimum Vs. When They Are Truly Invested In A Relationship


Bare Minimum: Texts you back, but only when they feel like it. Leaves hours or days between conversations, regardless of the topic, but will still occasionally message you a meme so you remain interested.

Invested: Plans a full-scale adventure date that they know you’ve really wanted to go on. Can’t stop talking to you about your day—they text back as soon as they can because they find you really interesting.


Bare Minimum: Will hang out with you, but only at their place and on their time schedule. Will talk to you, but won’t willingly lead the conversation, and they “listen” but don’t really remember what you said.

Invested: Will carve out specific time planned for you, even if it means going out of their comfort zone a bit. Will buy furniture and other big items with you because they believe you’re going to be in their life for a long time.


Bare Minimum: Will flirt with you constantly, but won’t follow through on tangible plans. Will talk to you all night long, but puts off the “what are we?” conversation for as long as humanly possible.

Invested: Actually puts a label on your relationship, no questions asked. Introduces you to their friends and actively follows through on plans you’ve made together.


Bare Minimum: Talks to you daily, but doesn’t make a big deal of it. Says you’re in a relationship but tends to keep things very private.

Invested: Introduces you to their family and friends almost immediately. Showers you with immense love and attention. Is probably already planning your next five dates.


Bare minimum: Takes you out to show you off, but then abandons you to talk to other people. Definitely brags about dating you, but treats you as more arm candy than a genuine partner.

Invested: Takes you everywhere to show you off and won’t shut up about you. Celebrates your success like their own. 


Bare minimum: Keeps things strictly casual. They aren’t making plans, or if they are they aren’t super intentional. They prefer to keep things about you and between super ambiguous, but won’t totally cut you out just in case.

Invested: They open up other areas of their life to connect with you. They get specific about what they want from a relationship with you. They get to know the details about you and commit them to memory.


Bare Minimum: Flirts with you if you initiate it, but doesn’t really engage with you unless you put the effort in. They will go along for the ride and enjoy any attention you give.

Invested: Goes out of their way to get your attention and immerses themselves into your life/social circle. Makes plans centered around just the two of you. 


Bare minimum: Only responds to booty calls or late-night texts. Doesn’t try to get to know you beyond a surface level and barely gives you much to go off of about who they are.

Invested: Wants to know everything about you and intently listens. Focuses their attention solely on you instead of weighing their options.


Bare minimum: Makes every single plan a last-minute invite—if you can make it, cool, but if not, they aren’t worried about it.

Invested: They actually make serious plans with you, things that require genuine communication—think a trip or moving somewhere closer to you.


Bare minimum: Lets a person know what their schedule is, but doesn’t try to make plans or work around anyone else’s stuff. They assume if it happens, it happens.

Invested: They will tell you they want something serious—they don’t have time to mess around.


Bare minimum: Will only reach out when it’s convenient for them. Will disappear and come back without a moment’s notice and zero explanation.

Invested: Is more intentional about getting to know what you’re interested in. Asks questions and listens to what you say. Builds a foundation of friendship, not just something physical.


Bare minimum: Won’t commit to anything concretely. Will talk and act as if you’re in a relationship, but will just as easily blow you off because “you aren’t exclusive.” 

Invested: Goes all in and doesn’t think twice about it