This Is What Happens When A Girl Like Her Gives Up

When a girl like her gives up she initially blames herself for it. She thinks if she tried harder or did more maybe then it would have worked out. She beats herself up over walking away wondering if one more chance would have made the difference?

When a girl like her gives up she considers it defeat in her own eyes because she’s never one to give up on people. She’s stubborn. She’s never been one to walk away. She’s never been the one who stops trying.

When a girl like her gives up she’s the one who hurts over it analyzing and replaying things thinking maybe she was to blame. She’ll always take ownership over the relationships in her life even those things that weren’t her fault.

When a girl like her gives up, know it took everything in her to walk away and not look back because she really did believe in you. She saw something in you. A spark. Something that kept her holding on so long.

When a girl like her gives up, know she gave as many chances as she could for you to do your part. But you couldn’t so she had to make a decision that didn’t come easily to her.

When a girl like her gives up, know what she’s taking with her is loyalty and love and caring but it wasn’t enough for you and she suddenly got hurt because of it.

When a girl like her gives up it’s her faith that’s shaken and the faith she had in you. Because she would have never stopped seeing you in the best light believing you could do anything and she would have been there to support you.

When girl like her gives up, know she’s not doing it because she doesn’t love and care enough for you, she’s doing it because everything she had and everything she was willing to give fell short of what you needed and even though she tried to be all those things, she walked away because she had to.

She walks away with the love she has for you within her heart that will never fade hoping that maybe you find what you are looking for and need.