This Is What Happens When You Realize You Have The Right To Be Happy

Something happened. My transition to self-empowerment, and years of introspection finally penetrated my reality. I have wasted countless days, nights, and decades fixating on what I lack, feeling powerless to enjoy my life or feel worthy. 

Maybe it was the last relationship that failed or the millionth affirmation that robotically spilled out of my mouth. I could prophesize an abundance of reasons why my heart ultimately caught up to my mind, which gave freedom to my soul. 

Either way, this strong female soldiered through every emotional war, climbed every mental mountain, and battled through all the physical barriers, only to come out bruised, jaded, and grateful to be alive.  My perseverance is something to be reflected on with pride.

Something happened to me gradually as the years of chronological age piled on. It happens to many empathetic souls, perhaps? I felt nothing. The years of feeling betrayed, unloved, unsatisfied, unworthy, abandoned, and unlucky in life were over – poof! I’m not kidding! It doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams or aspirations—on the contrary. I feel like an angel spoke words into my ears as I slept and they breathed new energy into my body.

All of the broken pieces of my heart and the abusive shallowed words whispered to my mind have been put back together as a resilient, determined, independent, focused, energetic, and fierce individual who has life experience giving her wisdom to finally have the courage to speak her truth and craft her destiny.

I will not allow anyone to limit me anymore, and that includes myself. How I will respond in the face of adversity will be with divine respect for myself. I am numb to all of the hurt I have faced; it is over and finally behind me, not chained to my neck like a death sentence. We are all going to die one day—that’s a fact—so why give energy to anything that causes us anguish? 

I realize life is tough on the best day, and everyone goes through tremendous obstacles, but the adage is true: “It’s all on how you respond.”  Stop blaming yourself, your circumstances, other people, or genetics and make shit happen! What do you have to lose? Everyone has a death sentence, no one truly knows when their time is up, so LIVE IT! Stop sitting on the sidelines of this moving planet and throw yourself onto the track!

Find a way to bring the life you want into reality. You don’t have enough money to start that business? Find it! You don’t have the relationship you long for? Be happy with yourself and open yourself up to others—look outside the box. You aren’t liking the reflection staring back at you? Start moving your body and eating better! You are used by people in different settings of your life? Speak your mind! Seems easy enough, right? All of these acts can be paralyzing, but at what point do you realize it’s wasted energy, time, and value?

Something happened to me one glorious day! 

I don’t feel rejected when a relationship fails because I love myself, and if they don’t, they need to leave to make room for someone who does—I trust in the Universe. I live paycheck to paycheck and I am chasing after my dream to be financially free, owning my own business and time—somehow an opportunity will happen. My body is imperfectly perfect because I take care of it, and I will love the areas I’ve always hated and watch it transform because I am not holding onto an impossible vision.

I am loving every fucking part of me. Why? Because I am worthy and deserving of love, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Something happened to me today—I became happy.