Dima Valkov

This Is What He Means When He Tells You To Get Naked For Him

She tossed her clothes in front of him, standing bare like a tree, but was thrown herself when he said, “Now I want you to get naked for me…” 

Confused, she asked the boy what he meant. 

“Peel back every layer of your pain, my love, and strip yourself of any past shame. Walk me through how you became the woman that you are today. I want you to paint your dreams for me, and paint them brilliantly. 

Through conversation I will undo the buttons of your mind, and if you let me, I will ease you from your fears. By the end of tonight, I want to travel every crevice of your brain. And below your chest’s curves, I want to grasp your breath closely and feel the rhythm of your heart’s song. I want to study the meaning behind every beat of your heart. Pull apart your ribs and let me shine light on the dark spots that you keep so neatly tucked away, concealed from the rest of the world. I want to explore far beyond the surface of your shell. So guide my fingers to the scars that nobody has seen before – not even you, and I will learn to soften them. 

Show me more than the glistening tip of your curvy waves. I want to know the hurling chaos that silently crashes beneath them. Give me all of you, bare and free. 

Allow me tonight to truly walk in your shoes, because I need to feel your soul. And only then, after I have completely stripped you down to your bareness, will I tell you how I’ve pictured sleeping with you. But not in the ways you suspect. Not sex or the act of making love, and most definitely not fucking. Just your skin amongst my skin. Our breath in sync, hovering over sweet unsaid kisses. No words. No movement. Just our hearts beating as one. 

While you lay peacefully in my arms, only to wake happy. Genuinely happy. And when you absolutely need, my love, trust me when I tell you that I will do unimaginable things to your human. But first, I will tell you once more, “Now I want you to get naked for me…bare like a tree.”