This Is What I’m Learning About Love

There are some people in your life that you can’t help but love so fiercely, no matter what.

Sometimes, these people don’t love you the same, or at all, and that is okay. Not everyone you love will love you in return, and while that might make you want to shrink, please do not let it harden you too. 

The love you gave to them — and will continue to give to others — is the most beautiful thing about you. People like you, who love hard and good, don’t come easy in this life. It takes a lot for some people to do what you do so easily and with so much courage and conviction. 

If you happen to love someone who could not match your capacity to love, remind yourself that’s okay. You have left them with a light that is so bright and rare. You left them with the memories of a courageous soul, the kind that comes few and far between. Whether or not they know it and will admit it, you were a great person to them. They were lucky to have known you and to be loved by you. 

Now, you are able to walk away and meet someone who can and will love you in the same way and in the way you deserve to be loved. So please, do not hold yourself back, still clinging onto a person not meant for you. Remind yourself of the power you hold. Wait for a love that is right and good.