This Is What It Feels Like To Be An Overthinker

Overthinking is a disease. People don’t realize it, but overthinking takes up most of their inner light and their very existence and molds it into a cup of holes. People who overthink are always searching for holes in every situation. When you don’t know what to do in a situation, you overthink and overanalyze all the things that are there. It does not matter how much of a perfectionist you are if you cannot set your mind straight and live in the present.

Sometimes we don’t even say what’s on our mind, while everybody else looks like they are doing it effortlessly. We feel shut out, taken aback, and silent when we are not even able to do a basic thing like speak that too for ourselves. We turn aloof, sometimes passively and other times aggressively. We only look for validation from others. If things aren’t given a green flag by others, we make them red for us. But life doesn’t work like that. What worst possible thing will happen if you actually say what you like and raise your voice regarding the same. Why is it a matter of overthinking if it makes sense to you and is okay to you? Why do you always look for answers and solutions when you already have facts on your hands? Why do you search and search for answers just to break your own heart again and again? You cannot have all the answers to every feeling and situation in life by overthinking. That is not how life works. Do you realize that we figure out things when a certain amount of time has passed? Why is that? It is because that is what we are supposed to do—give things time and live in the present. We learn what’s important and what isn’t by living life. By being present in the moment and trusting your gut and knowing that everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to be. It always does. That’s the course of life. We cannot control the world, the feelings, mistakes, or even prospective mistakes that we try to avoid by overthinking the same drill over and over again.

You know, you cannot move and immediately start something new just because you are having a hard time. You cannot think repeatedly and imagine having life sailing smoothly for you just by flipping the coin and magically wishing everything to turn out into something you wanted. Patience in times of distress is better than running your time thinking about what could be or what should have been. It is indeed hard to keep your patience but the exciting part is that you’ll never know what’s next to happen so wait for it. Calm your nerves down—we were never in control of everything anyway.