Manuela Adler

This Is What It Really Means To Go With The Flow

There’s a saying that the more we hold on to something or someone not meant for us, the more we hurt ourselves. By letting go, we release our hardened grip and experience a sense of relief from holding on for so long. This relief may not be apparent until months or even years later, but it will be there.

Sometimes holding on to something and/or someone can feel like holding onto a rope to keep yourself from falling down an abyss. This can mean you are waiting for someone or something to save you. However, this is just a perception and no external thing or person can ever save you from experiencing change. This is one way of looking at letting go, because we are afraid of what is below us (the unknown).

Another hopeful metaphor I’d like to talk about is the river. We often see huge rocks in a river, and someone who is in the river can hold on to the rock and resist the flow of the water to lead them somewhere new if they are afraid to let go of everything they’ve ever known. This is resistance and resistance to change never fares well for most people. It can cause a feeling of being stuck even when we are consciously (or subconsciously) choosing to hold on.

However, feeling like you’re in a lazy river never warrants the need to hold on to a rock because it is safe to flow. In this case, it’s all about how we perceive the act of letting go. Letting go can prove fruitful if we have the means to flow in life.

Going with the flow can be a confusing concept given its ambiguous nature when discussing life. The definition of flow from Google is this: “Move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream.” However, my definition for going with the flow in life would be this: “Being at ease with the continuous movement of life.

Whether we view the act of letting go as falling or flowing is up to us. Ultimately, nobody and nothing is worth missing out on the blessings that will follow when you go with the flow. In your journey, you’ll be bound to find out how peaceful it is to experience the stillness of going with the flow. Have faith and go down the lazy river—you won’t regret it.