Alexavier Rylee Cimafranca

This Is What It Really Means To Have Good Vibes In Your Life

The phrase “good vibes” is more than a positive life philosophy. Any quantum physics textbook will elaborate on the fact that we are all made up of energy. Everything in our reality appearing to be solid is vibrating or oscillating at a certain frequency. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions all carry a vibrational frequency. With every interaction in your physical world, you either experience resonance when your vibrations match or discord when they are different. As you go through life, you can shift your vibrational state or level of consciousness, and as a result, see a change in your reality. Our emotions can be a compass pointing to where we are currently resonating and help us determine how to adjust our sails to recalibrate. Fun fact, you cannot perceive what you are not in the vibration of. So if you are reading this right now, you are a vibrational match with the concept of raising your frequency and expanding or evolving your consciousness.


You view life as meaningful.

Reason is associated with an emotional state of understanding. It is the understanding of your mind and intellect. When you operate from this vibration, you begin to recognize how your thoughts create your reality. At the vibration of reason, you are now aware of your ability to change your limiting beliefs. You begin to take back some of your power by realizing the effect changing the conditions of your inner world will have on your outer one.


You view life as benevolent.

Love is associated with an emotional state of reverence, or having a deep respect for all living beings. The irony of this state is that to ascend into the higher levels of consciousness, you will need to surrender and let go of attachment to your old beliefs you may have developed in the previous state of reason. Instead of identifying with your mind, you will learn how to simply “be” in the present moment and connect to the divine flow of energy. This is the frequency where you will connect to your heart and your true passion. Vibrating at this level requires a tremendous amount of trust in the process of life. The more you get out of your own way (put your ego on do not disturb), the more you will begin to align with your highest potential. When you listen to your heart and do what you love, you will attract more of this vibration into your life.


You view life as complete.

Joy is associated with an emotional state of serenity or peace. These vibrational states now begin to transcend beyond the physical. Nothing external can truly touch us internally and life begins to reveal itself as a reality we can enjoy and fully embrace the human experience. Life is complete and is here to support us through whatever riptide currents we may be facing. The key to this vibration is gratitude. There is a reason why being grateful is recommended by so many spiritual teachers and gurus. Just like we appreciate when people show us gratitude, life will provide more goodness and joy when we are grateful for what we already have.


You view life as perfect.

Peace is associated with an emotional state of bliss. Not only do you have an overall view of life being perfect, but this state allows you to more easily meet people where they are. A lot of times in our society, we try to constantly seek out problems and solutions. We can get caught up in the urge to “fix” people or the endless self-improvement wheel. This vibrational frequency allows us to rest in the state of simply being and provides a space for those around us to do the same.


You view life as what is.

Enlightenment is associated with an emotional state of ineffable. This is the highest level of consciousness. There are many paths up the same mountain of enlightenment, but when you reach the top, the clarity you gain will allow you to see life as it is. This vibrational state is ineffable because our language and the human capacity for understanding are so limited. For this reason, you’ll notice enlightened masters usually speak with fewer words and embrace the pause between sentences. Sometimes the magnificence of life and creation is unable to be distilled down to letters on a page or a conversation for our mind to attempt to comprehend. It just is. And by reaching the vibrational state of enlightenment, you will know this truth from within. Everyone has equal access to this state and the true freedom that follows it.