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This Is Where Your Soul Finds True Happiness

Do you believe in souls? 

For sure, you probably have your point of view on the topic. But I am not talking about soulmates; I believe that there is a lot more to the concept of “souls” than the humble idea that some people are made for each other.

I have always believed that our eyes are the mirrors of our souls. Because our eyes are considered one of the focal points of our emotions, I thought our eyes were also the epicenter of our personalities. But then I realized that even though our vision is important, on the bigger scale of things, it is none of our physical attributes that define us. More than that, whenever we feel a longing for something, we love someone deeply, or we are true to ourselves, detached from all kinds of pleasures and desires, the appearance doesn’t matter anymore.

Have you ever loved someone simply because they were true to themselves? Have you ever sincerely loved an activity simply because it brings you profound joy? I believe that those are the signs that there is something greater than our 9 to 5 jobs, our chores, and the things we do because we have to.

There are all those things we love to do and we want to do, those people we simply want to be with, those places we just want to see, and all those simple things that make us happy.

I am truly convinced that most of the time when something pleases our heart, it pleases our soul.

The body seems to be only a protective shell, one that we should care about but never worship. For a long time, I felt like being near someone meant being physically close. I had the impression that physical closeness brings joy, but I was wrong.

It is probably not being near someone that matters, but being near their heart, being present when they need it, and being in their prayers. Because I feel like as we create a distinction between the mind and the body, we should emphasize the concept of the soul. I now believe that there are people, places, and even objects that speak to our soul. Unfortunately, nowadays, we give a lot more of our time and attention to our physical appearance, creating ideals of perfection and beauty that are unattainable, and we forget that what brings true happiness to our souls is hidden in the beauty of everyday life.

What brings true happiness to our souls is just in front of us; it is in the creation of God, in the glowing sky, the growing plants, the purity of the water, the natural landscapes, the sincerity of our friends, the honesty of our loved ones, and all of that starts with the perception we have of the world around us.