Ono Kosuki

This Is Why Failure Might Actually Be The Best Thing That Ever Happens To You

What if you go for it and fail?

Your powerful and BIG ideas are given to you so you can make them a reality. So, what if instead of being afraid to go after our big ideas because we might fail, we began to perceive “failing” as part of the journey? What if the perceived “failing” was a redirection to align you with your destiny? What if failure was simply a message that you’re in your process on your way to success beyond your wildest dreams? Think about it—the latest Facebook outage cost the company $7 billion in one day. Was this a failure or part of their process to enhance their platform and business for the future?

Let’s make this more relatable to you and me. Let’s say you are going on a fantastic trip. You are so excited about this trip.  You arrive at the airport, but the plane ends up being delayed. The voice inside your head goes off; “Of course this happens to me!” Your inner critic thinks you failed for choosing that flight, that airline. You knew you should have picked another flight and time. Now your only option is to find an airport bar, order tea, coffee, or wine, and wait. Well, to your surprise, you end up sitting next to the most incredible human and have the most beautiful conversation and connection. Before you know it, your delayed flight time has arrived. So, was it a failure you chose the unknown delayed flight and time? Or was the plane delay a redirection to alignment for you to connect with someone who may be a momentary connection or a lifelong friend?

Reflect for a moment with me. Are incredible memories made when we plan breakfast at 9 a.m. and must leave by 9:18 a.m. to arrive at 9:30 a.m. for the appointment? Is this fun for anyone? NO, this is so rigid. There is no space for magic, miracles, or adventures to show up.

Let’s say, though, on top of this RIGID schedule, you arrive at your destination and realize it was an 8 a.m. appointment instead of 9 a.m. Now your immediate response is, “I’m so stupid! I never mix times up. How did this happen? I’m such a failure.”

Instead, wow, hm, interesting, my flight was delayed and I mixed up my appointment time. I wonder what message, what adventure the world has in store for me? Is there a new café? New boutique stores? Is there a voice inside my head desiring to guide me to receive answers to questions that keep returning to me around my dreams and goals?

What if the perceived failure, the thing you think you messed up, is offering you a sign or guidance for you to SLOW DOWN so you hear the inner whisper, to become available to see the sign to sign up for the art class, join the yoga studio, attend the speed dating event, etc.? What if the failure is occurring so that you can see the opportunity to take action on the “thing” that will transform your life?

What if there was no such thing as failure? It was erased, gone from your vocabulary. Instead, you saw everything as part of the journey, the adventure. That every moment is guiding you into




To hear the inner voice

To take action

To transform your life

To create your dream reality

While impacting the lives of others

As you begin to turn your passions into a business, create your lifestyle career of freedom, change the lives of others, there will be FAILURES. You will be late. You will overspend #thankgod for credit. You will face the awkward limiting beliefs that selling is bad. You will go through many beautiful and hurtful relationships. However, none of these are failures. Meeting each of our fears and having our worst fears play out in our life is all part of the adventure. It’s part of the journey, the process of your beautiful life unraveling in front of your eyes. Where you become the art, the movie star, the main character. So, you no longer become afraid of failing in life, yet you become empowered to see you can handle anything this life throws in your direction.

It’s all about you and aligning to the truth of why you are here, sharing the love you have inside of you with the world. So, you begin to see that failure is simply a tool that occurs to guide you to see new opportunities that will empower you to create a sustainable lifestyle career that will support you for this lifetime and lifetimes to come.