This Is Why The Venus Retrograde In Capricorn Is A Big Deal For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Yes, friends, it’s that time of year again—Venus is going into retrograde from December 19th-January 29th.

If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, a retrograde is an illusion that makes a planet appear as though it is moving backward, despite that not being the case. During retrograde periods, the themes that are associated with the planet and zodiac sign it takes place in are often brought up in our lives for a chance to realize, review, and rework. This period can throw people off at times if they aren’t ready for it. While Mercury is in retrograde, for example, is often a period where the themes of communication, travel, and information come to the forefront, Venus in retrograde takes a more distinct focus on relationships—and not just your romantic ones. 

Venus only moves into retrograde once every year and a half, and this time it’s happening in the sign of Capricorn. This means that we are looking at the things that are important to us through a practical, grounded, and determined lens. Our relationships are under our scrutiny as we come to terms with what we want and need, what is potentially holding us back, and whether the way things currently are is acceptable. This can also be a time where exes or other former connections resurface—so be on the lookout. It’s also a time for us to pay attention to our financial standing, whether that has to do with our jobs, how we save, or what we value. Capricorn is calling us to aim higher, and put in the work to get there, even if it’s especially painful. And given how close Venus is positioned to Earth, you can rest assured that the effects of the retrograde will be felt one way or another.

This Venus in retrograde has its own personal spotlight as well. The last time that Venus went retrograde in the sign of Capricorn was eight years ago, December 2013-January 2014—and Venus is moving back to the exact spot it was in back then. This is an excellent time to reflect on what was going on in your life during those months, as those themes may resurface once again—not as an exact repeat of situations (thank god!), but as a reminder of how far you’ve come and what you are not willing to go through again.

So what does this mean for each zodiac sign? 


While partnerships for some during this time may be focusing on the more romantic, your career is also being brought forward during this period. You may experience some tension between coworkers or partners within your career and networking social circles. It may be a good time to figure out who is trying to help you move forward versus who is fine with stepping on you to get where they want to go. This is also the time to reevaluate where you are in your career life—are you where you want to be? If not, what practical steps (not impulsive ones) will you take to do something about it? Additionally, you may be experiencing some upheaval in your relationships—Venus is co-ruled by Libra, which highlights your 7th house of partnerships. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing and doesn’t mean a breakup necessarily—try to take things one step at a time to get to the bottom of what parts of your relationship could use some work.


You may feel like your beliefs are being challenged by you or others. This can cause some tensions between your close relationships, and you may feel tempted to push others away—but don’t be so quick. Think back to eight years ago, and how different you are now than you were back then, and realize that growth isn’t a danger to your life but a blessing. Also, an ex could come back in an attempt to remind you of who you used to be—which can complicate things as you’re trying to grow and move forward, so tread lightly.


Now more than usual, be mindful of your money—how you’re budgeting, spending, and saving. If you share resources with a partner, be aware of the arguments you may have surrounding those subjects—heated discussions now can have prolonging effects later on. Resist the temptation to act immediately and wait things out the best you can. However, it’s okay to reassess your needs in your relationships—those are important and shouldn’t be cast aside.


Things can feel stagnant right now in your romantic relationship, but it doesn’t mean something is automatically wrong. It’s giving you time to think about where this relationship is going and whether that’s genuinely what you want or what you’ve grown comfortable with. Challenging discussions can and will happen, but in the end, some clarity will arise for better or worse. This isn’t the time to take things too personally—both you and your partner will be struggling for the right words to say, so don’t immediately react.


You are craving much more social interactions, but they aren’t going to be as prevalent right now. Misunderstandings and confusion may factor into how people view you if you keep trying to force yourself into social situations and leave others with a bad impression of who you are. Focusing on yourself right now–your routines, habits, and your general health–is a great use of this time. Figure out what schedules and practices you’ve created for yourself are working and which aren’t, but just be patient during the process. Capricorn asks you to be diligent, but take your time to get where you want to go.


Things may be tense within your romantic relationships (or even your platonic ones), but this is not the time for a risky gesture or big decision for your love life—it’s time to slow the heck down. I know that as a Virgo, it may feel like all you do, but this time is essential. This is also not the time for assumptions about what your partner needs or a time for you to pour out every complaint you’ve ever had about the problems in your relationship. Take the time to examine your relationship in terms of yourself—what are the fundamental issues causing the tension? What is truly bothering you? In the meantime, you can also take this time to look into the creative aspects of your life that bring you pleasure and joy. Have you let them fall to the side? Time to start picking those things back up again. 


You may desire a closer connection with family or those in your home, but it isn’t an easy path to get to. Things have felt tense and uncertain for quite some time, and that feeling may continue to hang around somewhat. You may feel you’re lacking serious intimacy in your relationship, and rather than work on things, you’re searching for a quicker fix—don’t. Capricorn is reminding you that if you want something, it deserves your time, effort, and devotion. You may seek comfort in other ways—be careful not to get caught up in an ex or other habits to replace your partner/friends simply because you don’t feel understood. 


You may feel a need to retreat from others because you’re having a hard time getting your thoughts across in the way you want. Time alone is good, but still, be clear that your absence isn’t personal. Disappearing without a trace may not bring immediate ramifications, but will catch up with you later. Take some time to sit with the way you communicate with others, what you are seeking to learn in your current period of life, or even projects you want to take on. What needs work? What is stopping you from stepping into that fuller version of yourself? Keep in mind that your friends, partners, and people in general aren’t committed to misunderstanding you—communication is a two-way street.


Pay attention to your money and don’t make any big purchases if you can avoid it. It’s time to sit down and rethink the current ways you are (or aren’t) making money. What needs to change? What are you waiting for? While it can feel tempting to keep moving through life like you’re used to, Capricorn is asking you to slow down for a moment and really think about what the ending results are. Your friendships will also be brought to the forefront of your mind during this period—you may feel disconnected or uncertain about who is really your friend and who is just existing in your space. Take the time to determine what and who is important to you.


The spotlight is shining on you, Capricorn. You may feel immense pressure regarding who you are, who you want to be, and how others see you. You may feel misunderstood, so take the time to sit with yourself, slow down, and figure out what you really want. Keep things on the down-low for now because making a big scene won’t make things any better. This is an ideal time to pay attention to how you come across to people. While you may be making assumptions, you could be inadvertently coming across as harsher than you’re intending. How do you want people to see you, and is there a way to do that which allows you to be your genuine self? In terms of your love life, don’t rock the boat right now—you’re not in the place to make official calls on your relationship until you can sort things out on a personal level.


Your past is trying to reckon with you right now, and it can feel overwhelming. Past partners and situations may resurface—whether in your mind or through actual contact they make with you. Karmic connections and situations may be more prevalent than ever right now. You need to deal with your past, but don’t ignore your present and future in the process—you are not the same person you used to be, and it’s important to remember that. Your home life may be tense and unwelcoming during this time. Are you where you need to be? Don’t make big decisions now, but keep things in mind. You’ll have the opportunity to move forward and move on if that’s what you need, but you have to see your past and present for what they are first.


You may feel misunderstood by your friends during this time—but this isn’t the end of the world. You may feel unsupported, but keep in mind you’re not the only one going through things. People may come across as distant or uninterested in you, but this isn’t the time to jump to conclusions. This is a temporary setback that doesn’t have to be destructive unless you make it so. People love and care for you, but can you love and care for yourself, too?