Wendy Wei

This Is Why We Need More Holidays (Hint: It’s Not Just For Days Off Work)

Yeah, we have a lot of holidays. Sometimes they seem to come one after another. As a student, those were fun times. I liked when we got little holiday handouts to practice reading. Flag Day. Brilliant.

I’ve been a teacher as well and all those holidays are awesome. They’re never enough when you work in an office, though, which I’ve done as well.

Holidays are great because you get time off sometimes, of course. But it’s more than that. You get to feel a sense of community across a country, a religion, that redhead holiday, or even the whole world.

You get to eat special food, like turkey on Thanksgiving. You get to wear special clothes, like rainbows for pride. You get to sing special patriotic songs on the summer holidays. And sometimes you get to give and receive gifts.

I just feel like there should be more holidays. I just do. Like once at a music summer program, we had crazy hat day. Something like that would be suitable for this craving. We also had clash day. Excellent.

What about a day when we celebrate rock music? I guess not everybody’s into that, but 50% of people hate Valentine’s Day. I wonder who those people are.

What if we take that cherry blossom holiday from Japan and do it in the States? Yeah, it would be different across different climates. Maybe another plant. As a professional gardener, every day is a plant holiday for me.

We need to celebrate food more as well. Pi day isn’t pie oriented enough. My parents don’t even know about it. I feel like it’s just an internet holiday. Total disgrace.

Yeah, we celebrate Presidents’ Day, but what about all the other presidents? Shouldn’t we celebrate all their birthdays and commemorate all of their death dates?

Honestly, I want to celebrate some royal holidays from England as well. In my lifetime, so many people have watched royal weddings, we might as well just put them back on TV once a year to celebrate their anniversaries.

In New York City, there’s a party called Night Of A Thousand Stevie Nicks, who is that singer from Fleetwood Mac. We should really do that across the country.

Karaoke isn’t celebrated as much in the United States as it is in other countries. We should really get on that. I feel like it shouldn’t be just limited to one night, though, but more celebrated over one entire day. I can see the cast of The Office getting into something like that as an office party.

Art needs to be celebrated. Sure, there’s the Met Gala, but when was the first day the Met was opened? That’s a holiday fit for a party of its own, and everybody can dress scandalously for that as well so the Wendy Williams Show can cover it for another week of the year.

Yeah it’s getting to be summer and we’re all still broke from the winter holidays, but we could all use another round of gifts at this point. Maybe there should be a holiday where the gift has to be just $5 or less or be handmade.

Does the peanut butter and jelly sandwich have a holiday? What about tuna fish? Egg salad? Come on, work with me people.

Some movies have cult followings, like Star Wars, James Bond, The Godfather, and more. Do they all have holidays, though? Let’s make it happen! Theaters could really coordinate with this kind of stuff.

Any place that has a fundraiser, like PBS, or NPR, really needs a holiday of its own. All that giving on our part, and professional begging on their part, is so exhausting and emotionally draining. Definitely spend a little of our money on some excellent party programming, right?

Probably a great holiday to have would be celebrating a social media platform or newspaper. These people need love! I just feel like they need to put a party hat over their logo for a hot minute like Google does sometimes. We really do need to step back and appreciate them every so often.

Garbage people—sanitation workers, if you will—need to be celebrated. What would we do without them? Make a hill of trash on our front yard like that Simpsons episode when they went on strike? It would have to be a week long so we make sure everybody gets to celebrate it.

I want to wear my themed earrings all year long. I want to dress like Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus books and TV show. I just feel like there should be more holidays. Who’s with me?