This Is Your Reminder That You Deserve So Much More

“But you deserve so much more than I give. You’ve been through hell so many times.”

In this song, Janine isn’t talking to anyone other than herself. Through her art, she is admitting to her inner self that she knows that she deserves more.

Have you ever stopped and considered how much of yourself you sacrifice and give away? Then you realize that sometimes you give more than you have. It settles in that you don’t even think about yourself as much as you do about others. You don’t consider yourself when you continue to put yourself on the backburner.

I mean, think about it—we shelve ourselves and invest our energy in what? You, me, and so many others do this because it’s all we know. All we know is this selfless routine that always leaves us depleted at the end. You deserve to know how to put yourself first in almost every situation, because if you don’t, who will? If you continue to shelf yourself, who do you expect to take you off that shelf? To dust you off and remind you that you deserve so much more? 

The truth is we have all become “professional shelfers” and we’re comfortable with it. We continue to push ourselves to the back until there is no more of ourselves to push back there. That must change. If not for me, then for you. This serves as your reminder that the self that you neglect deserves so much more. This is your reminder to tear that damn shelf down and put yourself first for a change. Treat yourself better in the little moment and refrain from negative self-talk. Give yourself what you deserve and start with whatever makes you happy. Believe it or not, when we start to treat ourselves more deserving, then we see what we’re missing within. Then we focus on what matters internally rather than externally.

Again, you deserve so much more… So, how will you start compensating yourself for all the time you spent on the shelf?