This Is Your Reminder To Protect Your Damn Energy

When people show you who they are the first time, do you believe them? Do you accept them for who they are and adjust how you deal with them, or do you act like you didn’t see what they showed you and convince yourself that you covered your eyes when they did the big reveal? I’m asking because I believe, as people, we get too caught up in familial ties and the need to be morally correct. I think we forget to consider ourselves or how these things will affect us in the long run.

Today’s wild tangent has nothing to do with forgiveness but everything to do with the fact that we too often allow people to affect our energy. If I remember correctly, Drake said, “Got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy…” Ironically, the name of that song was Energy, and his lyrics appropriately address the fact that those who attempt to drain your energy are not only enemies but sometimes people close to us. They are family, friends, or even random people we come in contact with.

Often we neglect to set boundaries for certain people and we give them full access to us, even though they don’t deserve it. We grant them privileges to affect our power. After we do this, we later find ourselves drained and filled with chaos. This state only exists because we have allowed ourselves to be accessible to the wrong people. When we don’t protect ourselves, we open our vibrations up to all types of turmoil and toxicity. Then, before we know it, those low vibrations and chaos have become our norm. They become a part of everyday life because we have allowed them entry. In short, instead of being understanding or diplomatic when you know how folks are, try not to be anything at all. Everybody can’t sit with you, and that’s okay. Your energy is your power, so protect it! Now that you know that, how will you protect your energy?

Did you know that when you continuously fail to protect your vibration, it reflects directly on your self-worth? By accepting whatever energy comes your way, you are deeming yourself not worthy of the clean and higher vibrations that you should be accepting. In other words, you feel unworthy of higher vibrations and better energy, so you settle for mediocre energy and lower vibrations.

All and all, I think it’s time we all start protecting our power from the same old same old. It’s time for us to only accept what we give out. If you are giving good energy and high vibrations, then expect that shit back, because you deserve it! You deserve to vibrate higher and higher every day! You deserve to experience boundless energy, and it’s time you claim it. It’s time you decide what your energy is worth to you and remember that YOUR energy is YOUR power.