Emma Bauso

This Simple Makeup Routine Is Perfect For Anyone Who Struggles To Draw A Straight Line

When we apply makeup, in the back of our minds is whether or not we consider ourselves to be an “artist.” If you’ve always been a doodler, a stellar art class student, and have a bound or online portfolio, makeup is probably different for you. You probably have a very steady hand, and your lines are probably of even thickness, totally precise, and match on both sides. For those of us who didn’t make portfolio slides for AP Art Studio, a makeup routine without lines can be just as beautiful and much more forgiving. Maybe it will be more beautiful, or more beautiful in your heart. Who likes seeing a bunch of lines, anyway? What am I, a connect-the-dots? A no-line makeup look has basically no potential for error. Other benefits include that it is a smooth, graceful look, and it will take less time. Read on to discover your no-line makeup routine!

1. Only put one eyeshadow color on your lids.

Lots of makeup videos demonstrate an eyeshadow look with a mix of colors. This disparity in uniformity creates a visual line. A one-eyeshadow look will make a unified patch of color or a simple shape.

2. Skip the eyeliner, of course.

No eyeliner on your eyelid or below your eye. We just want large swaths of color.

3. Don’t cheat the lack of eyeliner with dark eyeshadow and a small brush.

Some makeup looks include defining the eye with a dark powder color with a brush, perhaps also into a wing. This is cheating!

4. Skip the lip liner.

Just wear a lip color. A single lip color. Do not blend multiple colors together. Leave the lip liner today to professional cake decorators.

5. Use a liquid blush.

And blend. Drawing on powder blush with a brush is drawing, no matter how much you try to blend it out! Dot a liquid blush drop on either cheek and blend it out with your fingers for a seamless cheeky look.

6. Don’t contour.

Contouring makes us all feel like artists, but it’s much safer if you’re not to not do it. Look like a 2D Disney princess from the 90’s with just one seamless foundation color instead of a more modern 3D-styling princess with two or several colors on your base.

7. Fill in your brows only with powder.

I’m finally admitting I’m not a sketch artist! Why fill in my brows with pencil strokes when I can use an eyebrow colored powder to make them pop?

8. Don’t wear a false lash.

False lashes usually are connected with a line at the base. In order to complete your no-line makeup routine, you’ll need to just wear your own beautiful lashes. At the end, your face will be like looking through a soft focused camera, for those of us who are also bad at photography!