This Trick Reveals Just How Much Personality Our Dogs Have

Meet Knox the Doberman and His Human

TikTok dogs take center stage more often than not and are definitely worth the watch. Have you ever wondered how your furry bestie would act if a particular situation happened? TikToker @suavexavier, also known as Savvy, did, and the videos that followed did not disappoint. Knox the Doberman is a great video partner to Savvy, and a good sport in all the fun.

Savvy, clearly a dog lover, has filmed plenty of funny videos doing things in the hopes of a great reaction from Knox. Some of his antics include barking, booing and crying to see how the dog will react. Knox has such a big personality that no matter what he does to him, the pup’s reactions become the star of the show.

Knox Isn’t A Scaredy Cat

In one of his most recent videos, Savvy acts like something scared him to see how Knox will react. His pup, who was sitting next to him when he screamed, popped up and stared at him for a few minutes before playfully jumping on him. It’s almost like the dog was trying to say, “stop messing around” while laughing along at the joke.


The head turn was perfect💀🤣 #fyp#viral#knox

♬ original sound – Savvy

A Day in the Life of Two Best Friends

These two BFF’s really seem to have fun no matter what they are doing. Their friendship is filled with hilarious moments, pranks and normal day-to-day events. Savvy puts time and effort into creating relatable yet funny videos that any dog lover will enjoy, and so many viewers tune in!


Im up at 10 now just to play it safe 🙏🏽 #fyp#viral#knox#dogs

♬ original sound – BruhLunaaa

With nearly 10 million followers, Knox is a definitely enjoying his time in the spotlight on TikTok. And with tons of hilarious stitches and new videos being created and uploaded often, this duo is a must-see!