Eberhard Grossgasteiger

This Year, I Hope You Give Yourself Permission To Just Be

This year and each day moving forward, I hope you give yourself permission to just be. Exactly as you are. Everywhere you are. All that you are. 

I hope you allow your opinions to change if that is what feels right for you. I hope you embrace all of the parts of yourself that you have outgrown and I hope you encourage them to keep growing. I hope you learn to fall in love with the process of the seasons changing, much like the commitment to let go of all the things that are ready to change too. 

I hope you refuse the pressure that makes you feel small and lost. The kind that’s too heavy. It’s not yours, it’s not for you. Do not buy into the idea that you have to be doing more or moving differently to feel like your life is enough. Like you’ve done enough. Right now is enough. Who you are right now is enough. Everything that has happened is enough.  

I hope you let yourself be all of the things you are. A human. A mom. A boss. An athlete. A homebody. A tomboy. A makeup lover. All of it. Whatever you want to be. Hold acceptance for the diversity that lives alongside the mess of being everything all at once. 

You are allowed to be many things all at once. You can have the best year of your life and the worst one in the same year. Heartbreak can be the thing that breaks you and rebirths you all in one. You can be both hungry for the future and content in the now. You can be happy and sad in the same exact moment. Simultaneously educated and ever-learning, furious yet grateful, and loving but still holding boundaries. 

Normalize the notion that wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Treat these days like they are as good as it gets. Show up for today like you already accomplished everything you think you need to, believe in yourself as if you already have done that thing you’re trying to prove. Breathe into the idea that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be right now even if it’s far from how you want it to be in your head.

Things are not black and white and it’s important to treat ourselves, our emotions, and our reality accordingly. Be easy on yourself. Treat yourself kindly. Walk with yourself without pushing your spirit to constantly be somewhere else. Be there for you.

This year, I hope you give yourself permission to just be. Just be who you are and all that that person entails. Be with your emotions, whatever those emotions may be. Ride the waves of them. And wherever you are, be all there. Learn the sacred space of this moment right now, and as soon as you can see today for what it’s actually worth, you won’t want to be anywhere but here. I promise.