Elyse Myers

TikToker Elyse Myers Recollects Worst Date Ever Involving 100 Tacos

We’ve all experienced a bad date or two, but TikToker Elyse Myers’ story may take the cake (or in her case – hard shell taco.) Her worst first date story began with scrolling on a dating app in 2011 when she met a man who messaged her saying, “I like your face. Let’s go eat some food.” Apparently that was all she needed to hear to be convinced that this date must happen. So she hopped in her car and drove 45-minutes to his house to meet him so they could go to a restaurant together. That’s when things started getting unusually insane.

When she arrived at his house, he claimed he couldn’t find his car keys so he got into her car and directed her to the restaurant. The restaurant turned out to be Taco Bell, which she explains was “fine.” He then proceeds to order 100 hard shell tacos in the drive-thru. The bigger surprise to her came as they drove up to the window to pay for the food, when she found out he conveniently forgot his wallet. She, without hesitation, decided to pay for this large order. (For those doing the math – at approximately $1.39 per taco, that brings her total to a whopping $139.00!) “The hoops I am teleporting through to convince myself that this decision I have made is okay,” she explained. 

After paying for the tacos, they head back to his house where his dad is just hanging out. Her date proceeds to dump all 100 tacos onto the table and screams, “Let’s feast!” They began eating the hard shell tacos in complete silence, other than the crunching sounds. She described it as, “absolute chaos.” His father grabbed a taco and proceeded to eat over them while standing at the table. The moment arrived that Myers knew it was in her best interest to leave when the father asked her if she would like to see his studio. She collected the many (90-plus) left-over tacos and said, “Thank you for this experience. You will never hear from me again.” 

The video was uploaded on Tik Tok in October 2021 and currently has more than 20 million views, 3.1 million likes, 50,900 comments and more than 402,000 shares. 

To make this experience even funnier (as if it could get any more hilarious), TikToker Joe Knispel, decided to add on to Myers’ story by pretending to be the “taco guy.” Not only does he bring the other side’s perspective, but he impersonates Myers perfectly. She has a unique story telling persona and Knispel is spot on with his impersonation. 

His video titled, “Taco Guy Responds” paints a picture of the other side of the worst date. While he enjoys a hard shell taco from Taco Bell, he screams for his dad to bring him the hot sauce. He then proceeds to answer all the questions the masses have – Did you really make Elyse buy 100 tacos? Why 100 tacos? Why hard shell tacos? How did I forget my wallet? 

This trend of discussing worst dates has swept through the popular video app, with everyone talking about their terrible online dating experiences, and bad IRL dates. Will any ever be as insane as Myers’ taco date? Only time will tell.