To The Man Who Chose God Over Me

Meeting you drew me closer to God. He lent me you to lead me to where I am right now.

In your lifetime, there will always be this one person whose existence will mean the most to you. Someone you will find very comfortable to be with. Someone you can share your secrets with without any inhibitions. Someone you can show your real self without the fear of being judged.

I am so blessed that in this lifetime, I have found this someone. 

I have found it in you. 

For years, you have been my rock. You have seen how I transitioned from an innocent young girl to a mature, dependable woman. You have inspired me to become the better version of myself. You are part of what I have become.

Just like most girls who dream of finding their Prince Charming, I had thought I already found mine. When I first met you, my heart skipped a beat, and it flutters every time I get to spend time with you even now. The feeling was mutual. You felt the same way. You liked me, and ever since, you have always made me feel special. I have seen how much you care for me and that you are willing to give up everything for me.

I really thought you were “The One.” The mutuality of our feelings made me believe that we would spend our lives together.

I guess, somewhere along the line, I overlooked the fact that you were already committed. You have already discerned the Lord’s call to priesthood.

Absurd as it was, you thought of not pursuing the calling and building a life with me. We considered unsound decisions. Innocence and infatuation have blinded me from what is ethical. 

Yet true love has a habit of coming back. Life may have tricked you into finding an earthly love, but I knew He will always be your greatest love. 

Our love story may have not ended the way I thought it’s going to be, but I am glad that you made the right decision. I am happy that you have not forsaken your commitment. I am happy that you chose Him over me.

I thank the Lord for letting our paths cross. It was through knowing you that I’ve grown closer to Him.

Maybe this lifetime is not meant for our love story. Maybe in another lifetime, our souls will meet again and we will utter to ourselves, “I think I’ve found the one.”