To The Partners Who Love Us No Matter What, Thank You

To the partners who are always listening to us: Thank you for letting us talk endlessly about our passions, our hobbies, and most importantly, ourselves. Thank you for teaching us not to bottle up our feelings and emotions. The truth is, there was a time when we were open and vulnerable with others but we lost faith in people. And we stopped talking about ourselves when we realized that other people didn’t care about what we had to say. So thank you for listening to our opinions and thoughts and remembering the smallest details that others would likely forget. Thank you for letting us confide our problems to you.

To the partners who are supportive and nonjudgmental: Thank you for creating an environment in which we feel like we are building understanding, mutual support, and acceptance. Thank you for doing everything you can to ensure that we are happy by providing a source of emotional support and encouragement. Thank you for being someone who we can tell our deepest fears and darkest secrets to and not have to worry about being judged. You have no idea the relief we feel when we are accepted and loved in spite of opening up about our worst thoughts and fears. So thank you for allowing us to feel comfortable with you due to the support and the nonjudgmental assurance. 

To the partners who care: Thank you for being warm, kind-hearted, and generous. Thank you for seeking harmony in your relationships and for your efforts in maintaining that harmony in spite of conflicts and arguments. Thank you for being conscious of our feelings and being careful not to offend or hurt us. Most of us have met many potential soulmates in our lifetime, but none of them have been as caring as you. It is with your caring nature that we can prosper into the people we were meant to be. So thank you for caring deeply about us.

To the partners who love us no matter what: I hope we can give you everything like you have given us. You are one in a million and you deserve the selfless love you give out to everyone else. Because a soul this wholesome and pure deserves happiness unlike anything in this world. We do not say it often enough, but we appreciate you.