Underrated Green Flags That Prove You’re Compatible With Someone

When it comes to love and relationships, we’re often instructed to seek out the warning signs. The writing on the wall. The red flags. While it’s definitely important to notice the things that show someone may not be compatible with us, it is also just as important to look for the green flags that signal someone is a good fit for us long-term. In fact, it may be even more valuable to focus on what you do want in another person (rather than focusing on what you don’t).

Here are the most underrated green flags that indicate you’re compatible with someone long-term.

Your life visions don’t conflict.

You both have a vision of what your future would look like and these visions are compatible. For example, you both want kids, you both want to live in the same area, you both envision a partner with x amount of time to spend with me after work, etc.

While these logistical elements aren’t the most romantic pieces to consider, they do matter in regards to relationship compatibility and need to be addressed.

You can spend time apart without feeling insecure.

In other words, you trust each other. You and your partner don’t see alone time as a sign that something is going wrong within your relationship. Rather, you both view solitude as a necessary component of maintaining a healthy relationship. As such, you and your S.O. still have interests, relationships, and an identity outside of one another, and make sure to continue to invest time and effort into those things.

You argue with the goal of resolution (not to be right).

Fights happen, no matter how happy a couple may be. When you and your partner do end up getting into an argument, you focus on resolving the matter at hand (not being right).

You don’t expect one another to be perfect.

You see your partner as the imperfect, messy human that they are (and they offer you that same grace). You acknowledge one another’s shortcomings without demonizing them in the process. You accept what can’t be changed and don’t try and turn one another into people you’re not. You don’t demand perfection. You just want each other, quirks and all.

Your relationship isn’t all about sex.

This isn’t to say you don’t have chemistry and aren’t attracted to one another, you are, but sex isn’t the saving grace of your relationship or the main event. It’s a part of your relationship but it isn’t everything.