20 Unexplainable Encounters With The Paranormal

1. The Neighbor’s Ghostly Visitor

My mums experience with what she thinks was a ghost. She went outside around 10pm for a cigarette years ago and saw a very elderly woman walking up our neighbours back stairs to their veranda. Mum said she wanted to ask if she was alright (it was very rare for our neighbours to have visitors that late – they were also elderly), but mum said she completely lost her voice and felt stunned, though she couldn’t look away. She ended up getting out a “hello” and the woman just…. disappeared.

The next morning mum made a joke to our neighbours asking why she wasn’t invited over for their night cap with their visitor and they very casually replied “oh, so you’ve now seen our ghost too!” They were excited over it and not at all scared. Barry, (neighbour) says an elderly lady follows Elwyn (his wife) everywhere and they feel pure comfort around her, but their own children and grandchildren are frightened by the lady on the stairs when they stay.


2. Our Invisible Resident

We joke about the girl who lives in our house. My wife insists that she was a victim of a fire in the schoolhouse in the 1870s that was on our property before the house was built.

We’ve never seen her, but there is the occasional door locked or unlocked, or the errant attic light on, and so forth. Not a presence that is very strong or overbearing.

There was one time though, when my wife was in the kitchen, and I was coming down the stairs, and we both heard “You’re a good girl, Dottie” coming from the living room.

Dottie is our dog, trouble but a good girl to be sure. Apparently there is one more person besides my wife and I in the house who agrees.


3. Guardian Angel?

Many years ago, I was about to walk out of my locker room with my books and for some unknown reason I stopped, the second I thought wtf am I doing and went to take a step outside, a window pane fell from 4 stories above me and shattered 2m in front of me. I was so shocked and thought that would have made an absolute mess of my head if I hadn’t stopped- still don’t know why I stopped to this day. Weird.


4. Hearing Things

Dad was out with his gf about two hours away from home and I had the house to myself. I was showering about 4-7 hours before I expected them to return and I heard our garage door open. It had a very distinctive sound due to the way it echoed through the kitchen and across the open plan, tiled house. Immediately heard the clicking of his gf’s boots and knew it was her from how short she was compared to the rest of the family. She walked like she had to prove something to make up for her height. She was definitely saying something to my dad too as she entered and I could hear him say something back.

Since it was so early for them to be home, I had a feeling something was off. I was already basically done with my shower so I hopped out and threw on a towel, opening the door and looking down the hall and across the house for them. I absolutely pulled the horror movie rookie move of Investigating in a towel. Walked the length of the house, saw the gate outside was still closed, opened the door to the garage and saw it empty, and even did an extra loop to rule out me missing something.

I was 100% home alone still. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard something home alone, it was just the most distinct. My whole family has heard the slider doors open. When I went car shopping with my dad, my sister heard the garage door and the door into the house from the garage open. No one came home then either. My dad has seen people on the property at 3AM but they’re gone without a trace and too fast for a real criminal to be snooping. The house just makes noises that imitate us and aspects of the home. The walls don’t bleed tho so we still live there.


5. Don’t Talk to Caroline

In my home town in northern FL, we would sometimes get a thick fog that was terrible to navigate. I was always told by my grandparents that if I ever saw confederate soldiers walking in that fog, keep my head down and move along even if they talk to me (rare advice for the south). As for Yankee soldiers, I was to nod and point them in a direction if they said they were lost. And if I ever ran into a woman in a white dress named Caroline, don’t tell her your name and excuse yourself before she touches you.


6. Just a Normal Trip to Home Depot

Just recently, about two weeks ago, I was on my way to Home Depot, when I arrive at this stoplight. After sitting there about 15 or so seconds, the light turns green. As soon as it did, I felt like I couldn’t move at all. I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt like if something was telling me to not go just yet. After about a second or two, this red Ford Explorer barrels through the intersection, running the red at what must’ve been about 50 mph (idk how much exactly but it went ridiculously fast). After the car sped through the intersection, I could move again. I don’t know what that something was, but had it not been for that I would’ve probably not been able to tell you all this little story.


7. Haunted Sleep Over

I don’t know if this was some weird coincidence but when I was 14 I was staying the night at my friend’s house and we decided to sleep in the guest room instead of her own bedroom. She kept telling me she thought the room was haunted and I thought she was just trying to wind me up but just before she went to sleep she mentioned it again. At that moment, everything suddenly went really cold and the radio randomly switched on and started making weird static noises even though nothing touched it. My friend refused to sleep in there ever again.


8. Unusual Childhood

I grew up with a strange Mom. We don’t really talk anymore. She was a paranormal investigator when I was growing up. There are loads of stories there. When I was about 3, there is video footage of me coming downstairs as angry as could be. Not temper tantrum angry, pissed. In the video I keep yelling at my Mom that they won’t let me play with my toys… She tried to ask me who… I just kept angrily telling her that they wouldn’t let me play with my toys. We didn’t get a cat until I was 4 but before that, there was some kind of cat creature in the house. I had seen it in my mother’s closet once… another time I remember being woken in the middle of the night but a cat yowling in my playroom (the next room over) I could see a shadow under the door before I opened it and heard a hiss. Upon opening the door there was nothing there. As I got older things got stranger… After my mother got back from The Catfish Plantation, strange things started happening. We could hear someone running up and down the stairs at night, shoes would be thrown down the stairs… My most vivid memory of this time was me sitting on my Mom’s bed. We had no pets at the time and it was just me and her. Her bathroom was attached to their bedroom. She was the kind of woman that had 20 almost empty bottles on the side of the tub. While watching Barney one day, it sounded as if someone had stuck their arm out and just swiped all the bottles into the tub at once. My mother came around the corner yelling Jeremy!! Turned out Jeremy was the name of a young man who was a slave at the plantation she had visited. He had fallen off the back of a hay wagon and died. After that day she got back in her car and drove back to the plantation and all of the strange happenings stopped. Also now she believes she’s an alien… so… that’s a whole other story. Lol


9. Mimics

This is interesting. I have heard similar stories involving what I like to call ‘Mimics’.

The one that sticks out was a guy washing his car with his dad. His dad went in the house and a few moments later he heard him calling him from the woods next to the house. “Hey come and see this”. He responded, asking obvious questions like “How the hell did you get over there?” and “What is it?” but the voice kept repeating his name and the “Come see this” line. I remember the OP saying it seemed like it was something that could not react to natural conversation, like a recording or some such. He had a strong sense of something being ‘off’ and that the voice was trying to lure him into the woods.

As I said I have heard other similar stories but this is the one that sticks out.


10. Late Night Peek-a-Boo

When I was 19 or so I had moved into my first apartment alone. I got all my furniture from the thrift store next door, they were pretty good finds too. My favorite was a pair of a red arm chairs that I’d often fall asleep in while reading. One night I woke up and there was a little girl sitting in the chair across from me. My lights were still on as I had fallen asleep reading and I could move around so I don’t think it was sleep paralysis. She started playing peekaboo and so I played back. When I removed my hands after the third time she was gone.

I did have sleep paralysis at least three times a week in that apartment, but it was nothing like that night playing peekaboo.


11. Message From Great Grandma

First and foremost I’m a sceptic. So I’m not going to over dramatize this, so apologies if it isn’t that entertaining but I like to share it. My great grandmother always said throughout her life that if there was something after death, she would give a sign. She died alone in a nursing home and after a very long day we all returned to her family home with her husband (my great grandfather). We stayed with him that night so that he wasn’t alone. Long story short, we all went to bed, around midnight. Not long after that, the phone starts ringing. There’s no one on the other end. This happens a few times. In the UK you can dial 1471 to trace the call. The call was untraceable, this happened a few times before it ended. This, as a sceptic, was the first time I’d considered something to be unexplainable. It brought great comfort to my family, so paranormal or not, we like to think that it was my great grandmother saying this is the only sign I could send and I’m ok.


12. Haunted Dorm

I think I lived in a haunted dorm room. My roommate and I kind of assumed the previous tenants were joking when they said they summoned a ghost, but it felt like bizarre, unexplainable nonsense was constantly happening in that room. About once a week, we would both wake up from a dead sleep at the same time (usually 3:06 am) and both our phones would be glowing, or the radio and the TV would turn on simultaneously. One night we were laying in bed and everything on top of my roommate’s wardrobe fell to the floor. Our toilet water turned red one day and stayed black for like two months, then went back to normal – it was never clogged and kept working just fine, it just looked really off-putting. When we were showering, the shower curtain would get yanked open. Over spring break, I was one of maybe 12 people staying on campus – I woke up one night to loud snoring coming from my roommate’s empty bed. I laid as still as I could for what felt like forever until it finally grew quieter and quieter, terrified of what would happen or what I would see if I rolled over. It was constant, and always felt creepy and slightly malicious, like the ghost was just fucking with us.

One afternoon though, that changed. I’m not a napper, like at all, but that day I just really needed a nap. I curled up under a blanket at the foot of my bed facing the door. At some point, I very groggily woke up and could tell someone was in the room, watching me. I was scared at first, but when I opened my eyes, I saw the vague outline of my grandpa standing in the doorway. It was like a wave of relief, I felt so safe and comforted by his presence. That semester was really, really challenging for me, but it felt like he was checking in to make sure I knew I would be okay. I’ve never shared that with anyone, because I just knew it was him, there wasn’t like cool concrete proof or anything. But all the weird shit from our other ghostly friend stopped after that.


13. Girl in the White Dress

When I was little (maybe 5), I would walk into my parent’s bedroom to crawl into bed with them. Many times when walking into their room, I would see a young girl in a white dress standing at the foot of their bed. I would be paralyzed with fear, but being young I don’t think I understood what I was seeing. I would take agonizing steps forward until I could crawl into bed and then cover myself completely in their blankets. She never moved, spoke or acknowledged my presence. She was just there.


14. Sensing Death

One day I was alone in the backyard at my boyfriend’s house, swinging on the porch swing, when I saw his black lab slowly walking towards me. Eventually she made her way to me and sat down right in front of my legs so I stopped swinging.

She looked me in the eyes and all of the sudden I got this overwhelming feeling that she was going to die. She seemed sad, a little scared and confused. I got the feeling that she needed comfort and reassurance so I sat there with her and stroked her ears and fur. Telling her how good she was, and that everything would be ok. Telling her that she was loved and to not be afraid.

After a few minutes she seemed to feel better and began to wander off again. I told my boyfriend that he needed to pet his girl and give her kisses, and he did. I didn’t fill him in on my experience with her just moments before.

The next day he called me crying. His mother had accidentally ran over his dog when she was backing out of the garage and unfortunately she was so injured that they decided to put her down.

This isnt the first time this kind of thing happened to me, and it has happened to me with people too. I don’t know why I can sense other’s death and don’t really know what to do with this kind of info. His dogs death struck a chord with me though because she was young and healthy and she sensed her death coming too. Most animals and people are surprised by their endings, that I have witnessed anyway.


15. The Feeling of Being Followed

I posted this a while back, but here’s my encounter, happened when I was in my mid-late teens:

It was a Friday evening, maybe about 6pm. I was walking my dog through the woods, I was wearing headphones (I used to walk her all the time on this route, so no reason to be afraid). It was very rare to see anyone else walking at this time of day on a Friday (actually why I had chosen to walk her then), and I’m coming down through this field/valley, when all of a sudden I start to feel on edge. The feeling just kept getting worse, so I turned off my iPod and took my headphones out.

I was half-jogging by the time I got to the bottom of this field – my dog had taken off way ahead of me at this point. I squeezed through a hole in the fence and onto the dirt path surrounded by trees, took the usual right, and kept checking behind me.

Well, here’s the horrifying part: I keep turning around to check if anyone’s behind me, and I see a someone, or some shadow-like figure (which is more what this looked like), flick from behind one tree to behind another, bigger oak tree. I think I audibly yelped at this point, but I kept power walking away – I was still fairly close to whoever/whatever this was, and tiny teenage me knew that I was unlikely to be able to outrun this thing.

I kept walking a few more paces before turning around again – this goddamn THING is now standing right in the centre of the path, further back near that tree. It has its arms straight down, but out from its sides – it’s hands were fists, and it was stood with this wide-leg stance. I say ‘thing’ because it looked like the shadow of a man – it looked like it had a cloak and a wide-ish brimmed hat, but the whole figure was completely opaque.

It just looked angry, and it’s staring right down the path at me. Needless to say I sprinted home from there and practically had a panic attack when I made it back.

No idea what it was, but I know what I saw. This was in the UK, and urban legend about that wood (and that cross-roads area in particular) is that they used to hang people back on that oak tree way back when. Whatever the hell it was, it’s not something I’ll ever forget.


16. The Little Girl in the House

We rented a large house. Each evening my wife would take our daughter upstairs for a bath and put her to bed. I stayed downstairs spending a couple of hours on my laptop before going upstairs myself. For three years nothing unusual happen.

Then one November evening, when my wife and daughter had retired upstairs and I was on the laptop, the room went icy-cold and I started shivering. I had a sensation that someone was standing right behind me, staring straight at the back of my head. For several minutes, I struggled to turn and look behind me but I was paralyzed. It remained like this for a few minutes and then the temperature suddenly returned to normal and I could move. There was nothing behind me.

I didn’t mention anything to my wife about my experience.

The same events then occurred for the next three evenings. Still, I said nothing.

On the fourth evening after my wife had gone upstairs, instead of opening up my laptop, I sat on the sofa watching TV, and from this position I could view the entire living room. After a few moments, I became aware that there was the translucent figure of a young girl, aged around 6-7 years old, with long blond hair and dressed in night clothes. At first, I thought it was my daughter but she has dark brown hair. The figure stood looking into the room for several minutes, then turned, walked down the hallway and disappeared into the kitchen.

The atmosphere was one of calm. I got up and followed her into the kitchen but she had gone. I decided to go to bed and still did not say anything to my wife for fear of upsetting her.

The next evening I was on the sofa and once again the little girl appeared, and stood silently just looking into the room. And once again she turned, walked down the hall and disappeared.

When I woke up the next morning I decided I had to tell my wife. I began by saying that there was something I need to talk to he about. Without any further prompting, she said to me ‘Was it about the little girl?’

Had she seen her, too? ‘Yes, often. I told her she could stay as long as she didn’t cause a nuisance’.

I said that I thought her appearances were going to increase for some reason. My wife, who is quite religious, said she would say some prayers and tell the little girl it would be ok for her to leave us.

After this, we never saw the little girl again.

There is a strange ending to this story, however. About six months later my work contract finished and we had to move away from this house. I called the landlord and he came over as we were leaving to settle up the paperwork and so on.

During our conversations with the landlord he mentioned that we were his longest renters and most people left usually after a few months. I joked that it might be because the house was haunted and related our story to him.

The landlord then told us that he had originally designed and built this house for his young family but when their youngest daughter was six years old, she had woken up one night and climbed over the upstairs railings and fell to her death onto the stone floor below. The family were so distraught and so they moved out and rented their home rather than selling it.

The landlord said his wife had not set foot inside the house for the next fifteen years, right up until his wife’s death the previous November.

I reminded my wife that it was in November when we first began to see the little girl and we now believe she had come in search of her mother. We felt that after saying prayers we helped them to meet up and pass over together to the other side.


17. Pillows on the Floor

My wife of 22 years died earlier this year. She was every bit the happy homemaker. Every day after I went to work and she would make our bed like a soldier in basic training. It had to be just perfect including the massive pile of throw pillows we had to unload every night and stack on a small couch in our room. During the last few months when she became bed bound, I of course had to take over all the cleaning duties. Which did not include a daily making of the bed. So the pillows remained stacked on the couch for months without moving. The night she died I was awoken by the sound of a fan in our room being knocked over. I turned on the light and the pile of throw pillows which had not moved in months, fell into the floor and knocked over the fan that was about two feet away from the couch. I piled them up back on the couch and got back into bed. I checked the time to see how long I had been asleep. It was 2:12 in the morning. My wife’s is February 12th.


18. Uncle Besties

I had 2 uncles who weren’t related to each other. (They’d each married one of my dad’s sisters.) They were good friends, though, because their wives were close. So they would take joint vacations and co-host parties and things.

One of them died, and his widow bought him a plot in a certain cemetery. 2 years later the other one died, and his widow ended up buying a plot in the same cemetery, figuring she could bury her husband next to her brother-in-law. That way, they wouldn’t be alone.

So I’m at funeral #2, standing in a cemetery on a snowy day, about to bury my second uncle in as many years. Suddenly I hear a sizzle. I blink, and instead of a cemetery, I’m staring at the backyard of uncle #2’s beach house. Uncle #1 is at the barbecue grill. He turns to me and says, “do you want any lamb?” As uncle #2 walks up with paper plates, ready to serve.


I’m back in the cemetery.

I don’t think ghosts roam the earth, but I’m pretty sure I had a vision of where both my late uncles were: together, on vacation, waiting for more family to arrive.


19. Unexplainable Things Happening

I have had a few, but the most bizarre one for me happened when I was a kid, probably around 11 years old. Maybe a little older. I had just moved in to the room upstairs where my older sister used to live. I always read Donald Duck on the bed before going to sleep. One night, I was reading, and I really had to go pee. I left the DD magazine on my bed, open, with the pages down, as to know where I was. Hadn’t heard of a thing named bookmarks back then. Anyway, I went downstairs to do my business. When I came back up, the magazine was gone. Nowhere to be seen. I checked under the bed, in my nightstand, nothing. It was pretty late and everyone else was asleep, as I was quite the night-owl already back then. I said fuck it and just went to bed. The next morning when I went to the bathroom, the magazine was laying on a chest of drawers next to the toilet. Open, with the pages down.

The thing is, my sister experienced lots of weird stuff in that room. The volume on her sound system turning up and down, the sound system suddenly turning on on the highest volume, CDs falling out of the shelves. And she never got a good night’s sleep in that room. Neither did I really, which is probably why I became a night-owl, now that I think about it.

I also had just gotten a guitar for christmas when I moved in to that room. Could not play it well yet. My parents were divorced, and one weekend I was at my mother’s house. Didn’t bring my guitar, as I didn’t want to ruin it in any way. That weekend, my dad and my stepmom were laying in bed (their bedroom was next to mine) when they heard guitar playing coming from my room. Like, good guitar playing. They listened to it for a while until it stopped. Never happened again. No one else was in the house at that time either, as my younger sister and I always spent the weekends at each parents together. And she was like 8. And my brother had moved out by then.

I have plenty more to tell, but this is getting quite long.


20. Paranormal GPS

A couple of weeks ago I had a weird experience of that sort.

I bought myself my first car recently and I’m fairly new to driving, but I needed one to get to and from my new place of work. I usually work in the afternoon and this one day I took a little nap right before I had to leave for work.

I was half asleep when suddenly a weird voice told me, „don’t take the highway today“ it was so clear and loud it startled me and I woke up.

I got ready for work and got in the car, despite having this weird feeling I took the highway.

While driving onto the highway I was almost hit by a truck that didn’t let me though, my car made this scary loud beeping noise I’ve never heard before and then suddenly the accelerator stopped working, I had to stop on the side of the highway.

It was so scary and I remembered the voice immediately, cursing myself that I didn’t listen to it.

I honestly believe whatever tried to warn me also saved me, because this could’ve turned out a lot worse.