Waiting For A Man To Change Is The Worst Thing A Woman Could Do

Have you ever put your life on hold for someone?

Waiting for love to grow is okay for young lovers who need to become mature as time swiftly passes them by.

Waiting for someone who left to fulfill his dreams is acceptable. Self-love is a priority. One cannot give you the satisfaction or void that only you can fill.

Waiting for time to make things right gives you patience and takes you to a whole new level of understanding about fate.

But what exactly is not okay? 

How do women tell when to stop tolerating unacceptable behavior?

How do you say no to psychological, emotional, or physical abuse and stop reacting to gaslighting?

How can women discern when things are over or at least gauge if what has been done nor said is just way too much?

I think there’s a loophole in how women were taught to behave in the presence of a man. Women have been oriented or influenced by other women to get stuck with the idea that we were honed to be resilient, receptive, and reconcilable in the past. That most relationships last if women can endure or would depend on how much of a crap she can tolerate. Creating boundaries is a no brainer, but drawing the line itself has been quite a challenge for ladies. To some extent, I agree that patience is a great virtue that women must have in dealing with relationships. However, I sometimes feel that this can be a downside. The flaw is when patience makes a woman settle for less than she deserves without her even realizing it.

Waiting for a man to grow or change is the worst thing a woman could do. You may have spent your entire life waiting and still find yourself frustrated because the cycle goes on and on. People don’t change overnight. It is infuriating to deplete your energy in such a hopeless situation.

So when you wait for a man to grow, that’s exactly when you stop growing. Remind yourself to water and nurture yourself in the process. The joy comes when two immature individuals who are aware that there’s a thing called beauty in a give and take relationship. It takes two to bear a fruit. It takes two to make a thing go right. You grow and learn from each other.

Once you figure out it’s a trap, STOP!

Stop wasting your time.

Never let yourself drop another tear in the ocean. Don’t wait for life to tell you that your time is over or for others to dictate when your life begins.

 Life is too precious to wait for something that you knew from the start will never happen.