Watch As The Mexican Cartel Stop Two Guys Who Made a Wrong Turn in Mexico

Mexican Birdwatching Adventure

While driving some dirt, back roads in search of interesting birds to see in Mexico, TikTokers @aaronpayzant and @natureman777 came across what was probably the scariest moment of their lives. Aaron Payzant and Logan Howard were just minding their business when the Mexican cartel rolled up next to them, got out of their vehicle with guns pointing, and approached the anxiety filled two-some.

In the video, you can see the panic and distress this incident caused both men, but they held their composure as best they possibly could under the unusual circumstances. After some begging and pleading, it appears as one of the cartel members puts his hand on Payzant’s shoulder to calm him while he asks him name.

The Whole Story

In a follow up video, the two men explained the situation from start to end. “We decided to take my car from Indiana to Mexico and drive the whole way our personal vehicle. It was a great experience and unfortunately we did run into the cartel and that wasn’t great,” Howard said. He also added, “I would go back. But not in our personal vehicle.” Howard’s car was left in Mexico following the incident. The two were experiencing trouble sleeping and anxiety so they left the vehicle there and figured they would retrieve it at a later date.

Extreme Birding

Commenters have asked the two why they didn’t just drive since the cartel said they were okay. But with multiple guns in their faces, it was difficult for them to think straight. “After seeing my life flash before my eyes, I started seizing almost. I couldn’t drive,” said Payzant. The cartel told the men to get out of the area and turn on the next right road and get back to the highway, which they did. While Payzant and Howard are not new to intense, uncontrollable situations because they are storm chasers, this was a very different scenario that they probably never imagined could happen. Howard described this situation as, “It’s the most extreme experience I’ve ever had birding.”

To see the full video, check out their YouTube page.