Watch In Real Time As This Girl Figures Out Just How Far Someone Went To Stalk Her

When TikToker @kaylamalecc got a notification on her phone that there was an AirTag tracking her, she knew she had to find it and deactivate it as soon as possible. The thought of being stalked is enough to make anyone uneasy, and for Kayla, the anxiety of not knowing where the AirTag was started creeping in.

Knowing the device tracking her was somewhere in or on her car, Kayla walked around the car checking in every spot possible. “I know AirTags are white and I feel white would stick out on a black car,” she explained. She searched under the license plate, around the tires, under the windshield wipers, in all the car’s crevices, in the truck latch and any other spot she could think of that it could be hiding in.

Once Kayla inspects the outside of the car and finds nothing, she begins to search inside the car just in case. “I guess I can check inside my car, but I always lock my doors so I doubt I’ll find anything,” she said. After searching through the glove compartment, center console, in the doors, under the sun visors and around the rest of the interior and doesn’t find the device, she decides to check the outside of the car once again.

After another check around the outside of the car, she finally finds the small, white disc poking out of the side of the license plate holder. That’s when the nausea of the situation sets in for Kayla. She deactivated her location and wasn’t sure what else she should do about it. With more than 5.2 million followers on TikTok, Kayla brought this scary situation to light for many who may have never even heard of an AirTag.

For those unaware of just what it is and how to find out if there’s one tracking you, Apple’s AirTag devices were meant to help you locate lost keys or other items. They aren’t meant to track people, but can easily be slipped into a bag or other spot such as a car, to track a person’s every move. According to a June 2021 story on, “At launch in April, these included a notification that says ‘AirTag Found Moving With You’ — but only if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS or iPadOS 14.5 or later. In June, Apple said it was working on an Android app to notify those users of unwanted AirTags traveling with them as well, to be released later this year.”