20 People Are Reminiscing About Their First Time Watching 'Blair Witch' And Their Observations Are So Good
Blair Witch Project

20 People Post About Their First Time Watching ‘Blair Witch’ And Their Observations Are So Good

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“All I Can Say Is Wow”

“Wow. All I can say is wow. What a great movie. I love how it slowly gets more and more sinister as they venture deeper into the woods. When they find the first set of stick bundles and rock graves I got chills up and down my spine. I really wish horror movies would go back to psychological horror instead of jumpscares. I have no clue how Heather got a Raspberry Award for worst actress. I thought they all did a phenomenal job. The ending was mysterious yet satisfying and the theories are awesome. I am honestly afraid of going back into any deep woods near my house.” – buhoo115

“It Was Just Pure Genius”

“I saw it in the theater when I was twenty and the marketing for it was just pure genius. I totally admit that I went into it thinking it was real. Not so much when I left, but that’s not to say I didn’t like it. I really liked it. People complain about the girl and how unrealistic the students’ reactions are (ie the map) but none of that bothered me at all while watching it, and the last five minutes were a huge payoff. I still enjoy watching it, but nothing compares to seeing it in the theater thinking it was real. I had chills.” – ubrnostrum

“This Movie Is One Of A Kind”

“There was something that felt so REAL about the movie. I can’t say with certainty that this was the first found footage film but it was definitely a genre that hadn’t yet been beat to death. Getting lost in the woods is almost comically easy and I don’t think people realize that. And the TENSION. Three friends that are so eager and get along start to grate on each other’s nerves. So perfect. This movie is one of a kind.” – lilmorphinannie

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“Chills Up And Down My Spine And Neck”

“Saw Blair Witch in a packed movie theater in Northern Virginia, which wasn’t far from where the movie ‘happened’. In the end, people stoically filed from the theater in complete silence. Had to sit there for a minute, with literal chills up and down my spine and neck. As a horror fan, I loved this feeling, which I haven’t felt with such intensity before or since, to be honest.” – monkeybatter

“The Best Marketing For A Horror Movie Ever”

“I think what The Blair Witch Project got right and Blair Witch (the newest one) got wrong was the realism.

Even if you overlook the marketing for The Blair Witch Project, which was probably some the best marketing for a horror movie ever, the film really felt like a movie made by some college students who disappeared mysteriously in the woods.

All the actors looked and acted like normal people, not “Hollywood” normal people. I think on the commentary track the directors stated all the camping and time spent out in the forest was real. They didn’t get to go stay in a nice hotel between shoots so the dirt, grime, and exhaustion all came across really well. And it was just the three of them, I think they only received notes at each camp on what their character is thinking and feeling by the directors.

The Blair Witch, by comparison, just felt like another Hollywood-found footage film. I didn’t hate it but everything just looked too polished.” — maddkatz

“The Entire Experience Was So Well Done”

“When this movie came out, they had companion websites up to make it seem like it was all real. The entire experience was so well done, it was pretty amazing really.” – MrReey

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“Doesn’t Get The Respect It Deserves”

“I don’t want to call this movie underrated because of how popular it became at the time of its release, but it is for sure doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It lets your imagination run wild as a narrative slowly falls into place. This was a great psychological thriller.” – MyNameIsNumber037

“I’m Chilled To The Bone And It’s Been Hours”

“I watched the original for the first time in years tonight. The Blair Witch Project had a much deeper influence on me than I ever gave it credit for. I’m chilled to the bone and it’s been hours since the movie finished. Now, I’m reading comments and articles and there’s this voice in my head telling me that everything I’m reading doesn’t quite get the place where this film took me, no matter the praise it is given.” – Neuromantic85

“Damn, We Were Terrified”

What I love about this movie is that it can be both very scary or very silly, depending on the time when you’re viewing it and the company you’re watching with. I watched it for the first time late in the evening with my friend, we both wanted to be scared, and damn, we were terrified.

Some years later I watched it with another friend during daytime and she pointed out something she thought was stupid right off the bat, and the rest of the movie somehow became hilarious.

So I definitely understand both the fans and the critics here. But for me, it works both ways.” – mintmothman

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“My Friends Got Motion Sick”

Saw this at a midnight screening at the now-closed Bridge Theater in San Francisco when it was first released. It was so packed that we had to sit in the front row and one of my friends got motion-sick from the shakey-cam and threw up in the street afterward.” – Senolatnap

“The Film Is Still Scary”

“This film is still scary to me for one reason. You don’t know what’s attacking them. It’s completely unknown. You never see what it is. It could be some supernatural being in the woods or a serial killer or something. Of course, they ruined this in the sequels but don’t even bother with those. (Also check out the behind-the-scenes to this movie. It’s actually really interesting how they filmed and produced it!)” – raynorkap

“Couldn’t Take My Dog Out After Seeing This”

“Couldn’t take my dog out after seeing this when I was like seventeen. Classic. Lake Mungo is another awesome faux-documentary movie that’s full of goosebumps. One of my favorites.” – mcman12

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I’ve Never Been In A Theater So Eerily Silent”

“It was amazing seeing this in the theaters when there was the speculation that it was real. I’ve never been in a theater so eerily silent for a film.” – [deleted]

“Still Gives Me Chills”

“The ending and its implications still give me chills. Even just thinking about it right now is literally giving me chills. I can’t think of any other movie that’s had that sort of effect on me.” – gemininature

“Those Goddamn Stick Figures Were So Creepy”

“There were so many parts that freaked me out but especially when they hear the one guy screaming in the middle of the night after he was missing all day, when they follow the river all day only to find they’re back where they started, and those goddamn stick figures were so creepy.” – tukelaylor

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“Such An Awesome Experience”

“My brother and I went to see it at a small independent theater. The viral marketing and word of mouth had convinced us that it was a real documentary. Such an awesome experience.” – cronuss

“One Of The Greatest Moviegoing Experiences Of My Life”

“Oh man, I still remember when this came out. I was all about it so I dragged my friends up to the city (we were an hour or so away in the suburbs) for the opening night of the limited release. Truly one of the greatest moviegoing experiences of my life. I still have a soft spot for this one. Might need to rewatch it this year.” – SpookyGeek

“It Flipped The Genre On Its Head”

“I love the found footage subgenre, and Blair Witch was responsible for opening that avenue for filmmakers on a budget. While it’s not my favorite movie, I appreciate how it flipped the genre on its head.” – [deleted]

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“It Was Terrifying Fun.”

I can recall the night holding the flyer in my hand. Afterward, my buddy and I drove to the Driscol Hotel to post up in the bar and started talking about the ghosts there. It was terrifying fun.” – underling

“Was Awesome.”

“I remember when it first came out on DVD. We set up a projector, screen, and a sound system out in the woods and watched it at midnight. Had a party out there. Was awesome and added to the overall creepiness.” – D1sc0nn3ct3d